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New Zealand Sports: What Do You Like Most?

What student doesn’t think about how to enjoy their vacation during their study, right? And, if you are a lover of physical activities, the sports of New Zealand will make the country at the top of your list of study destinations, as the diversity of modalities practiced there is great!

Today, we are going to show you some of the most popular sports among New Zealanders, from the most exotic to those that will make your adrenaline skyrocket! Come on?


Rugby is undoubtedly the country’s most beloved sport and games dominate the New Zealand sporting calendar. Although there are several categories, only Rugby Union, in which the famous All Blacks team plays, is considered “real rugby”.

It’s like football in Brazil, where everyone follows, cries and suffers with the favorite players and teams. The passion is such that there is a museum for the sport in Palmerston, the New Zealand Rugby Museum, where there is an area for enthusiasts to practice or have a first contact with the sport.


It is a little known sport outside English-speaking countries – hence its popularity in New Zealand, which has many cultural and political ties to England. It’s a kind of baseball, however, with much more complex rules and matches that last up to five days!

The modality also has world championships and specific leagues. Cricket seasons are interspersed with rugby seasons. So, kiwis are able to keep up with both sports throughout the year.


Auckland is the famous City of Sails. The place is full of marinas and has the perfect conditions for the practice of sports of this kind.

If you like yachting, windsurfing and the like, don’t miss the opportunity to visit West Haven, the largest marina in the entire southern hemisphere. Even those who have never been on a sailing boat can learn the most basic techniques and start venturing out!


Netball is a kind of basketball without the backboard, that is, there is only the suspended basket. The dynamics are also a little more complex, as it is not allowed to walk with the ball (similar to the ball used in volleyball) or bounce it. The game progresses only with passes between players.

It is a very popular sport and almost exclusively played by women, with championships of national projection.


Radical sports

New Zealand takes extreme sports seriously. The geography and climate of the country could not be more conducive to the practice of sports filled with adrenaline. In fact, Queenstown is known as the Extreme Sports Capital of the World. Check out the modalities in which you can literally play!

Bungee jumping

There are several options for bungee jumping (or bungy, as they call it), from bridges – that’s where the first commercial jump from a bridge appeared – to valleys between the mountains. Anyway, the view will always be amazing!

The highest jumping point is in Queenstown, Nevis, and is 134 meters high. There are also places, like Auckland, that offer the Skywalk (walking on the edge of a very high tower, with a spectacular view of the entire city) and SkyJump (flight horizontally, like a superhero).


Adventure lovers will find that skydiving is very popular in the country. And no wonder: seeing from up there all the natural beauties, such as lakes, mountains and volcanic landscapes, is an experience to carry with you for a lifetime. The sport’s instructors offer courses and you can jump with them a few times before venturing out on your own.


The large number of rivers makes rafting a very popular adventure, especially in the summer season. From calm waters for beginners to strong rapids for the more experienced, the sport conquers exchange students, tourists and natives.

In some places, like Queenstown, it is even possible to practice the sport inside the caves or combine rafting with helicopter rides, in a true movie-worthy trail.

Rappel and Climbing

For lovers of proximity to nature, abseiling is the most suitable. The controlled descents in waterfalls put practitioners in intimate contact with the natural landscapes. Guided climbs are also excellent for those who are used to a higher level of physical demand.

Rappelling trails can also be combined with mountain biking or trekking to further explore nature. Those who like to challenge themselves and break barriers, these can be excellent sports to do!

Winter sports

In New Zealand there are also fun winter games, and of course kiwis and tourists love it. Between June and October, the country becomes a sensation for those who love low temperatures. Here’s how you can take advantage of the snow when it starts to fall.


The country’s relief makes ski resorts comfortable and safe, while offering unique experiences, such as skiing on a volcano on Mount Ruapehu. The slopes for practicing the sport are quite extensive, many are of international quality, and you can take classes with instructors throughout the season.

And even better: as New Zealand is further away than the most popular places to ski, you can have a very intimate and peaceful experience with the sport.


Snowboarding also has a captive place in the hearts of New Zealanders. There are slopes, along with ski resorts, for all levels of practice. It is worth mentioning The Remarkables, more familiar station, with slopes for beginners and even a special space dedicated to the jumps of this sport.

Whatever your passion, when venturing into any of New Zealand’s sports, be sure to always seek guidance from expert instructors.

Did you see how many options for you to have fun in your Study in New Zealand? Leave room in your suitcase for your sportswear and start reading our tips to financially prepare for your trip!

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