Pro Tips on Establishing Consistent Growth for an eCommerce Website

Charlotte Miller

Pro Tips on Establishing Consistent Growth for an eCommerce Website

Internet shopping has become a part of everyday life across the globe. Many vendors with eCommerce sites have established their credentials and built trust with customers. There are very few businesses that don’t have websites and it is easy to set one up. The important question is – how can I ensure the consistent growth of my business? What steps do I need to take? Here is a list of tips to ensure consistent growth.

Tips for successful eCommerce website growth

Create a responsive site: A website must be easy to use and available in different formats. Not too long ago, customers used their laptops for shopping. With the increased use of smartphones, it is important for every business to have a mobile option as well. Pages should load fast, and checkout should be easy too.

Social media presence: Social media sites like Instagram and Facebook are very popular with the younger generation. Check which one is mostly used for your market and by demographic. Gear your marketing plan to include this and interact with your customers. Use visitor tracking tools like WatchThemLive and make changes to boost sales.

Free shipping option: This is a good tool to have customers spend more on your site. Set a limit and encourage customers to use it. People are more likely to buy and recommend your site to friends if the products reach them on time.

Chatbots: The use of chatbots is a must these days. Use chatbots to offer customers 24/7 access and have a live agent follow up the next day. Chatbots are very effective in increasing conversion rates. Chatbot use is highly recommended by all experts as an effective method of communication with customers.

Quality content: Regardless of industry niche, content is required for every website. Use good visuals with relevant content to build your website. Customers want to know what they are getting and how it should be used. Use landing page optimization tools to make your customer’s experience seamless. Update content regularly and offer engaging information.

Product listings: This is one area you must monitor closely. If you find some products are not selling, then you should discount them and get them off the list. Stock up on items that sell well, and offer attractive discounts to keep your inventory stocked with items that are popular.

Trust: Trust is an important part of every business relationship. Add product reviews to help customers buy a product on your site. You can add social media reviews on your pages too. Trust badges are a good addition. These are usually seen on big retailer sites and have a big impact on customer perception.

Rewards: Offer rewards in the form of discounts and other freebies to keep your old customer base happy. Setting up a loyalty program is a good tactic and more effective than the occasional coupon.

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Feedback and Reviews: Good reviews are worth a lot to every eCommerce business. It is even more important to address bad reviews and fix a customer’s issues immediately. Responsiveness is essential in a competitive marketplace.

Recovering lost sales: Abandoned carts result in close to $2 billion in lost sales each year. One way to address this is to send reminders to customers to get the item they are interested in. This is a good way to create brand awareness. Also, use session replay software to check problems faced by visitors and fix those. If issues like page loads or difficult navigation from one page to another are not addressed, growth will be difficult.


All of the tips mentioned above are tried and tested. New tools are being developed every day to make it easy to succeed in the eCommerce domain. It is a good idea to get the best possible insights using behavior analytics with a specific audience in mind. Discovering which tactics work best for your business will propel growth.

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