Pros and Cons of Installing Additional Hard Drive

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Pros and Cons of Installing Additional Hard Drive

Having an additional hard drive installed doesn’t only expand the storage capacity of your PC but also offers a big advantage in backing up all your important files.

The external hard drive is portable thereby making it easy to transport what you want plus keeping PC information secure.

To Increase Performance of Computer

It’s time to get real: your computer isn’t as fast as you need it to be. You’ve been trying to make things work, but every time you open a new application or load a video or photo, it just takes way too long.

 The problem is that your computer only has one hard drive, and at some point, that drive will be full if you download or store a lot of files in it. It’s not going to matter how much RAM you have or how fast your processor is; there just isn’t enough room for all of the stuff you want to do with your computer.

The solution?

 Install another hard drive. It’s a simple process; basically the same as putting in the memory sticks and once you know what you’re doing, it’ll take 15 minutes or less.

Provides Extra Storage

One of the biggest pros of installing an additional hard drive is that it offers extra storage space. It is perfect for storing those files that could not fit on your laptop or desktop already. With more memory, you are able to store large files such as videos and pictures which can be accessed at any time.

A new hard drive will give you plenty of extra storage space

If you don’t have the option of installing an additional internal hard drive, then purchasing an external one is probably your best bet. Either way, this gives you plenty of room for storing all your files without having to worry about running out of space.

You’ll Be More Organized

In addition to simply adding more space, an additional hard drive can be used to store different files than those stored on the existing hard drive, which can be a huge help in keeping your data organized.

The best way to get started is by thinking about how you use your computer. Keep all of your entertainment files (games, music, movies, etc.) on the second hard drive and organize them into subfolders based on what kind of media it contains. Then dedicate the main hard drive specifically for your work-related files and operating system programs, this includes your work emails and everything else.

To Back Up your Files

One of the most important things we can do to protect our data is to back it up. Hard drives can fail, whether because of power surges, moisture damage, or a number of other issues.

 If you’re not regularly backing up your information, you could be putting yourself at risk for identity theft, losing your job, and even losing important legal or financial documents that are necessary for completing important tasks like getting a loan or filing taxes.

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Have A Second Copy of All Important Files

Fortunately, there’s an easy solution: installing a backup hard drive. This additional drive can serve as a second copy of all important files and sometimes even an entire system’s worth of information in case anything happens to the first one. That way, if something happens, you won’t have any trouble recovering all the data you need to move on with your life without a hitch.

Before you buy a second hard drive, make sure that you have room in your computer for another hard drive. Some computers come with only one hard drive and you’ll need to upgrade before you can install another one.

Increase Security

If you’re like most people, chances are your computer is much more than just a place for you to get your work done. It’s probably also home to all of your favorite music, photos, and videos, accounting for precious memories that you’d hate to lose.

By installing an additional hard drive, you can increase security by keeping those memories on a separate hard drive that can’t be accessed by someone accessing your computer. You’ll also be able to access them from any new computer you use in the future with ease.

Cons of Installing an Additional Hard Drive

Installing a hard drive in your computer is a quick and easy way to have more valuable storage space. However, it’s not always the best option for everyone. If you’re trying to decide whether or not you should install a new hard drive, consider this list of cons to help you make your decision.


The most obvious drawback of installing an extra HDD is the cost. The least expensive options will start at $60, with larger drives and faster speeds costing significantly more money.

Another consideration is whether or not your current computer allows additional hard drives in its system which is a drawback to people who have a computer that does not support an additional hard drive.

Some older computers have limitations on how many drives they can hold, usually allowing only 1 hence you will not be able to install an additional one. Newer computers allow multiple drives easily.

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