Seven Ways IVR Systems Help Improve Customer Journey

Charlotte Miller

Seven Ways IVR Systems Help Improve Customer Journey

The customer journey is a critical component of any business. It’s how you manage the interaction between your company and your customers, from the moment they first discover you to the point where they become repeat customers. But with all of the elements that go into it—including websites, social media, phone calls, and more—it can be difficult for businesses to keep tabs on every aspect of their customer journey.

In this blog post, we’ll review how IVR can help improve your customer journey by making it easier for people to connect with you at every stage in their relationship with your company.


Self-service is a great way to reduce call volumes and costs. According to Gartner, self-service options that allow customers to solve their problems at their convenience can reduce call volumes by 50%. This also allows you to redirect your agents towards other high-priority issues, so you save money and increase customer satisfaction simultaneously.

A survey found that 88% of customers want self-service options when they have questions about products or services, but only 31% receive that kind of help from companies like yours! If you don’t offer these tools and many others, you’re missing out on a significant opportunity for improved customer relationships—and lost revenue!

You should therefore introduce the best IVR systems into your business. This will allow you to meet your customers’ expectations by letting them self-service in many ways, as discussed further in the article.

However, only the right and reliable provider can help you reach your goal. If you choose the wrong service, your business might fall back on providing the best customer support and may lose them. So before hiring one, go through different IVR systems reviews and only then make an intelligent decision.

Directed Dialing

You can direct callers to the correct departments and agents using IVR systems. For example, if a caller wants to contact the billing department, an IVR system can provide options on which billing department they need to speak with. The caller then selects their desired option and is connected directly.

This process improves efficiency by eliminating time-consuming phone menus and allows customers to reach a live person directly in a matter of seconds or less without having to listen through long lists of options or wait on hold for extended periods.

IVR systems also allow callers to select options based on their location. Suppose someone is calling from outside the United States and wants to speak to an agent in another country. In that case, they can press a button that says “international” and is transferred it directly to the appropriate department.

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Lower Call Times

IVR systems are often used to help reduce call times. This is done by directing callers to the correct department and routing calls directly to the person who can resolve issues most quickly. This helps you save on staffing costs and improve customer satisfaction since you don’t lose customers when they get transferred around.

According to HubSpot research, every second it takes a company’s customer service team to answer a phone call results in a 5-8% increase in abandonment rate. And these numbers get even worse if you’re answering emails or chat requests: email responses that take more than two minutes result in one out of every five visitors leaving; the number doubles for chat sessions and triples for live chats.

Responsive Service

If your company experiences an emergency, such as an earthquake or power outage, your employees must be available to assist customers. However, with all the commotion and panic around you, you may be unable to get through to someone immediately.

An IVR system can help redirect calls to other offices or departments until things have settled again. This way, no matter what happens outside your company’s doors, all communication channels will remain open and accessible to customers who need them most.

Round-the-Clock Services

IVR is a boon for companies offering round-the-clock services. You can use it to provide 24/7 customer support, which is crucial for customers that need your products or services at any hour of the day or night. It’s also an excellent option for holidays, weekends, and other days when your call centers would generally be closed.

In addition to these benefits, IVR gives you more control over how your customers interact with your brand. With IVR on hand, you have more flexibility in deciding how they receive information about their accounts or make payments—it frees up staff time so they can focus on higher priority tasks such as handling complaints and addressing requests from customers who need assistance right away.

Automated Routings

IVR systems use automated routing to determine how to handle the call. In an IVR system, you can define different routes based on what number is dialed or who is calling. This helps you identify customer needs and preferences easily. For example, if a caller asks for a particular product or service but it isn’t available at that time, you can direct them to another resource that could help solve their problem.

In addition, automated routing allows you to create alternate paths for similar types of calls so that customers don’t have to repeat themselves again and again when calling back with their issue or problem later on; they follow one path throughout their process with your company!

Personalized Experience

A personalized experience is the ability to customize the voice message to the customer. This can be done by using the customer’s name and other information you know about them, such as their address or phone number. You may also access their purchase history if they have made purchases before, which you could use in your message. With IVR, you can make the process easier, deliver effective customized messages to customers and improve their satisfaction rate by 20%.


IVR is a powerful tool that can help you improve the customer journey. It’s just as essential to provide your customers with the information they need before they even call or visit your business as it is to have it available once they do. By providing clear and helpful prompts and tips, you can help them avoid confusion when interacting with your business—and ultimately create happier customers!

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