Charlotte Miller

Tactics to Increase Free Instagram Followers & Likes

You’ve come to the correct spot if you’re having trouble growing your following on Instagram despite posting more regularly and producing higher-quality material.

Go through the 7 tips below to increase the number of your free Instagram followers and likes organically and continuously. Let’s start right now.

Publish Content as Soon as Possible

Keeping up with current events, industry news, and pop culture will help you get more engagement with your account on Facebook. Be on the lookout for what’s new or popular so you can include it on your page.

Is there a new meme floating around? Take a look at the several ways you may customize it to match your brand or expertise. Is there something that has happened in the media that has an influence on your industry? Write a post for your blog that reflects your unique perspective and use your social media platforms, such as Instagram, to promote it! Taking advantage of current events and internet trends can help you get more people to see your material, especially if you utilize relevant hashtags.

Create Carousels for Your Audience

Do you want to discover a growth trick that only a select group of social media professionals are aware of? Read on! It’s dwell time, which is the average amount of time a person spends looking at your material.

Carousels are ideal for this. A user who stays on your post for 10 pages will be noticed by Instagram’s algorithm, which will promote your account more frequently in the Explore area of the app for those who are looking for new accounts to follow.

Do Not Purchase Instagram Followers

Increasing the number of followers on your Instagram account will not automatically translate into increased revenue for your business. Instagram follower count isn’t as essential as interaction and building a relationship with your audience over time.

It violates Instagram’s terms of service if you buy Instagram followers and may result in the suspension of your account. Engage your organic audience by utilizing the appropriate methods. Because organic followers are more likely to be engaged with your material, you won’t have to worry about losing their support.

After a time, having a large number of untrue followers will cause your engagement rates to plummet. Your brand’s reputation will be tarnished as well if your target audiences find out you acquired phony followers.

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Optimize Hashtags

As a result of the importance of hashtags on Instagram, picking the appropriate ones may help your content reach a wider audience. Embrace famous hashtags that connect to your business and your target market by using them. Users who might be interested in following your account will see your postings this way.

Instagram permits up to 30 hashtags per post, although the interaction is best on posts that have at least 5 hashtags. When coming up with hashtags, think about what phrases your target audience may use to find you on social media. You may learn a lot about your target market by looking at the hashtags people use in their postings. For optimal exposure, blend your brand’s unique hashtags with current and new hashtags as well as common hashtags, all at the same time.

Create Descriptive and Enticing Captions

Photos and videos dominate Instagram, but the caption has the power to elevate or lower a post. That “narrative” you tell is just as important as the photos and videos you provide. It establishes the situation and may compel people to act. That’s why you can see a lot of Instagram Captions Generator tools that aim to help you create fantastic captions.

Authenticity and storytelling are creating extraordinary outcomes for companies using long captions. Using long-form captions is fantastic since it allows your audience to discover more about you and your fashion business. However, the information you choose to include is very dependent on the situation, the time of year, and your personal fashion sense and brand identity.

Delete Unwanted Tagged Photos

The finest user-generated material related to you or your company can be featured on your Instagram profile. It’s no longer possible to delete all of your tagged photographs off the site by going to “Edit Tags,” picking the ones you wish to get rid of, and then clicking “Hide from Profile”. It works very fine.

Put a Watermark on Your Picture

More prestigious websites may use your work if they find it interesting and useful. Some people don’t realize that they must first get your permission before copying your image, while others are well-informed and will copy an image directly from your Instagram page or blog before reposting it without giving you credit in the description and ignoring you when you point it out. 

With a watermark on your image, you’ll be able to see if someone is using your work without crediting you in the description. If this happens, you may contact Instagram to see if they’re violating your copyright and have them remove your image from their feed.

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