Tech Apps to Deal with College Assignment 

Charlotte Miller

Tech Apps to Deal with College Assignment 

Amongst the frequent questions asked by college students, the most repeated question often asked is “how do I do my college assignment?” Many students struggle with either understanding an assignment or meeting an assignment deadline. If you fall under this category, there is no need to worry as you are not alone.

Thanks to technological advancements, the design, and development of various mobile applications have made it possible for students to better handle college assignments. These tech apps function differently. While some are used as trackers to plan and monitor class and assignment progress, others are used to foster collaboration amongst students and enhance their learning abilities.

Due to the massive development and utilization of these applications, you might become confused about the best apps to use for your college assignment. This article will highlight and provide you with information on the most suitable and flexible applications to help you deal with college assignments.

Tech Applications to Assist You in College

Everyone who has gone through college knows just how stressful and frustrating it can get. To ease this stress, we have carefully selected a list of reliable and efficient tech applications to use in school.


We all know the importance of organization when it comes to assignments and school work. Having an organized work environment, especially one that reminds you of tasks, can help to greatly improve your productivity at school.

MyHomework is a tech application that provides you with an organized environment for your tasks. The application allows students to organize and monitor their college assignments, study plans, and projects. Think of it as a personal study assistant, which enables you to receive assignment prompts, see upcoming tasks, organize your study plan, and track deadlines.

It is important to note that the application is available on iOS, Android, Windows, and Web devices. It is entirely free but comes with ads.

My Study Life

Just as the name implies, this application functions as a homework or assignment planner. The best part about this is that it can be used by students, teachers, and lecturers. Students who consistently use this application will eventually acquire time-management and self-management skills.

To begin, students are required to download the application on iOS or Android devices, log in, and create a personal study environment using their class list, test times, examinations, and assignments. The application enables you to save your organized tasks in the cloud, thus making them readily available to you on any device you use.



When people hear of Trello, the first thing that comes to mind is an application strictly for tech gurus and product managers. Of course, this is not entirely the case. While the application is often used as a project/product management tool, its general features make it suitable to be used by students as well.

Its intuitive design enables effective remote collaboration between students; it automates tedious tasks and manages any tasks or projects. The application consists of columns and cards, which are organized on a board. Students can include assignments, or milestones, on each card. Furthermore, the application enables you to attach files, create checklists, and set deadlines or reminders within each card.

It is available for free (with paid tiers) on Android and iOS.

Khan Academy

If you are familiar with Khan Academy on YouTube, then you will understand why this application is easily considered one of the most reliable apps for both high school and college students. The topics and curricula offered by Khan Academy allow students to revise various subjects up to the AP (Advanced Placement) level.

A common misconception people have is that Khan Academy is only suitable for high school students. However, although the study application focuses on pre-college coursework, it is important to note that a majority of the topics covered on the application are college-level material. These materials are designed to bring you up to speed on the basic/foundational courses you would cover as a fresher.

The best part of Khan Academy is that it allows students to work on various exercises and drop feedback on their experiences. Furthermore, the simple and comprehensive course mapping feature enables you to easily navigate through courses you struggle with.


Digital note-taking and learning have never been more flexible than with Evernote. This is a tech application that enables you to write, sync, and plan your digital notes. These notes include different things, from work plans and recipes to study schedules and diaries.

It is a multi-platform application that enables voice note attachments, blackboard pictures, and note-taking. For easy flexibility and a great user experience, the app’s features allow you to scan documents from your device, gather data from a web clipper, and search your notes.

The application allows only limited use of its features when students sign up for a free plan. To access all other plans, students are highly recommended to sign up for a personal plan. It is available on Android and iOS devices.


Writing is a very important skill needed to succeed in college. Very often, students are tasked with the responsibility of writing college essays, practical reports, theses, and dissertations. While many students find it easy to write, others struggle with the art.

Grammarly is a tech application that is readily available on iOS or Android devices. It enables students to correct grammatical errors and mistakes while/after writing. Its keyboard feature automatically corrects your typo errors and prevents unnecessary spelling mistakes.

Students who use the free version can make use of important features on the app. However, to use more sophisticated tools which improve your tone and clarity, students are advised to sign up for the paid tier.


With tons of college assignments, projects, and practical reports to complete, students are often faced with intense pressure and anxiety, which affects productivity. As with all other spheres of life, productivity is necessary for academic success; when this is lost, frustration and mental health problems begin to set in. To improve productivity and reduce the stress caused by college work, we highly recommend that students download and use the features available in the above tech apps.

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