Charlotte Miller

The Attraction Of Clubhouse

Twitter Spaces and Clubhouse seems to be where the party is at in 2021. You may not have heard about Twitter Spaces since it launched towards the tail end of 2020. But it is a competitor to Clubhouse and it is slowly but surely gaining a lot of traction. There is a market for audio-based content and podcasts are a perfect example of this. There are many audio-based services like Audible by Amazon. All in all, these are important when it comes to the whole concept of pushing the envelope on convenience. But, of course, Clubhouse is quite different in this sense. 

Considering the increasing use of mobile app design across the world, you’ll see that the Clubhouse App is smooth, intuitive and seamless. It also offers a great user experience that helps users of the App to have a fantastic time. What every social media tool does is give a voice to its participants. The fact is that Clubhouse allows people to have a voice and express their ideas and thoughts. There is a sense of moderation that is there and it helps keep the whole atmosphere civil and harmonious. The only way to get into the App was through a specific invitation. Not anymore. With so many new features (like, Reels) being integrated into old platforms like Instagram, there is no doubt that Clubhouse will also have to innovate its service offerings as well.

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Augmented reality app design may be a subject to ponder in 2021, but the zeitgeist of this article is Clubhouse. While there are reports that the numbers are not increasing, there is enough evidence to show that it is increasing elsewhere in the world. But it certainly has its set of followers who are carving out a nice niche for themselves and having a much desired online presence. The main attraction with this social media platform is that you can choose your audience and ensure that you have a quality conversation. This is an excellent way of getting rid of the noise that is otherwise annoying and distracting in other platforms like Facebook.   

Of course, none of this would make sense if not for a proper App that is helping to bridge the gap between the online world and the relevant audience. With many people using tablet computers, this is why such Apps need to optimise for the right degree of iPad development. All in all, the fact is that Clubhouse, like many other social media platforms, became popular during the Covid-19 situation because of the spectre of social isolation and the onset of depression. While there will always be some new social media platform that will make its presence known, the truth is that Clubhouse has a dedicated following, which will evolve in time.    

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