The Latest Trends in Computer Keyboards

Charlotte Miller

The Latest Trends in Computer Keyboards

Like many aspects of technology, computer keyboards have gone through series of trends since they came into existence. Original keyboards were large and bulky, just like the old school computers back in the day. 

Over time, both computers and the keyboards that went along with them have significantly gotten smaller in many cases. Sleeker, thinner keyboards became the trend as mobile computing became more and more popular. With the emergence of laptops, keyboards were even built right into the computer like in a laptop or even slim keyboards that can be used for computers which many of the users prefer these days for portability and ease of use.

Let’s take a look at some of the popular trends we see in computer keyboards today.

RGB Backlighting

With the emergence of tiny, affordable LED lights, backlit keyboards have become a huge trend in computer keyboards. Just about any new keyboard model will have some form of LED back-lights in it, which are placed underneath each keycap and shine upwards to illuminate the lettering on the key.

These LEDs are capable of producing nearly any color possible, allowing for complete customization of your keyboard lighting. Rather than only have one available color, you can have your keyboard cycle through a spectrum of colors or choose whichever color is fitting your mood that day. You can find a list of the best RGB keyboards if you’re interested in finding out what they’re all about. 

This backlighting helps one to see the keys in a dark environment making it easy for them to type fastly compared to a keyboard that doesn’t have any backlighting. RGB backlighting is also preferred by PC gamers as it gives an amazing and unique look to their setups. Some keyboards nowadays come with special RGB effects like color waves, color fade, color laser, static color, neon color, etc. Nowadays keyboards come with 16.8 Million Colors RGB Backlit Keys which means every single key has its individual lighting and with the help of this a lot of amazing effects are created. 

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Gaming Keyboards

With the rise of esports and competitive computer gaming, so has risen the desire for keyboards designed specifically for gaming. Competitive video games like Valiant, Counter-Strike: GO and League of Legends are the major players behind this trend.

There are many different aspects of what makes a keyboard good for gaming. For starters, it needs to be reliable. No one can perform well if their keyboard is missing keystrokes! Another important factor is a keyboard’s “rollover”. A rollover means “how many keys can the keyboard recognize are pressed at once?”. If a keyboard has a 6-key rollover, that means it can sense up to 6 keys pressed at once. If a keyboard has an “N-key” rollover, that means it can sense any number of keys being pressed at a time.

Some keyboards also have an ‘Anti-Ghosting’ feature. The phenomenon that your other keys fail after pressing more than 6 keys on a keyboard is called ‘Keyboard Ghosting’ The Anti-Ghosting keyboard is the function that addresses this phenomenon. Even if you press all the keys on the keyboard, you can also enter all your key characters or commands with this feature. This feature is really useful to gamers as they need to press multiple buttons at the same time. For example, in Valorant one has to press multiple buttons to use their abilities, reload their weapons, etc. 

Mechanical Keyboards

The type of keyboards used for gaming and for typing fast is called ‘Mechanical’ keyboards. The working mechanism of a mechanical keyboard comes down to one thing: a key switch. A key switch refers to the mechanism by which the keys physically move and activate a switch below each key that sends a signal to record the keystroke. The most common type of keyboard used for gaming are mechanical and then membrane keyboards. With a membrane keyboard, there is a rubber dome membrane that supports all keys. This membrane is designed to resist depression, which is what makes the keys return to their original position after you take your finger off the key.

These types of keyboards work in a fairly similar way. It resists keystrokes, which means that the keys return to their initial positions once you remove your finger instantly. But instead of using a rubber membrane, mechanical keyboards prefer to use springs. The springs result in smoother, more linear pulsations to the mechanical keyboard.

These keyboards also provide a faster return to the original key positions. You can also press the keys halfway to register the value of the key. This particular feature makes mechanical keyboards more superior and results in a faster typing speed. 

Non-Physical Keyboards

With the booming popularity of smartphones, keyboards have moved from the physical realm into the digital. On-screen keyboards are the status-quo for smartphones and tablets, as they allow you to have a keyboard displayed on your touchscreen only when you need it, making a mobile lifestyle much easier.

To make your mobile typing experience better, Bobble Ai has introduced a range of keyboards. The Marathi keyboard app is one the best app in the inventory and really taking digital keyboards to a different level. Marathi and English typing is made simple using this keyboard. The keyboard converts English to Marathi instantly, something that is very sought after. The speech-to-text feature is a blessing for those who get tired of moving their fingers over the screen. 

Hundreds of ready-made stickers and the provision to make avatars and animated stickers, all these tools make the conversations fun and enjoyable. A library consisting of many regional and English quotes, jokes, and poems is also stored on the keyboard, which makes sending impressive messages easy. You no longer need to search for them on the internet. 

Muti-functionalities such as storing copied texts, quick access to frequently used phrases, and emoji suggestions are also embedded in the keyboard. Covid resources for fast access to important Covid-19 and Vaccine related information are given in the Marathi keyboard app. When we talk about trends in keyboards, the Marathi keyboard is an obvious name to be included, having a rating of more than 4.5 on Playstore. All these points make it the best Marathi typing keyboard on the playstore.

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