The question "What do you see yourself as in 5 years?" and how do you answer it to get an interview?

Charlotte Miller

The question “What do you see yourself as in 5 years?” and how do you answer it to get an interview?

Any possible questions of this type at the interview has only one purpose – to reveal your character for the employer, so that he understands who he is dealing with, and what kind of employee is sitting in front of him, and whether it is profitable to cooperate with such a person. And this is really necessary to know for everyone who hires someone to work for themselves, since hiring a person who is not suitable for this job can cost a lot of money and time damage. Therefore, the employer will deeply evaluate each of your replies in order to realize whether he needs you. Therefore, for every question that concerns personal things, such as your vision of your life in 5 years.

Such things are asked to find out where you think you’ll be in a few years, and how you want to develop. It is needed to know if your subordinate is ready to work for the benefit of the company, and develop in order to become a more highly qualified employee, and perhaps give him some opportunities to undergo professional development, which, in turn, will help him be more useful for the organization in which he works. If you already know who you want to be in nearest future, or some more time, like 5 years, and you can easily reply on this employer’s question, but you’re still looking for a job, try looking for it on the site – Working in Oman is a good choice for those who are interested in a career in a country in the Gulf region. Jobs in this country are well paid, and local employers are interested in foreign workers, due to the fact that in Oman itself there are not enough local workers to work in all the necessary industries.

Reasons why anyone who hiring anybody ask such questions on interview

In addition to what was mentioned above, there are some more theoretical reasons for you to be asked this type of questions:

  • Person, who hiring you, wants to evaluate the level of ambition and desire to be useful, each candidate;
  • To what extent a person adequately evaluates himself as an employee, and as a person;
  • Does the employee care about issues related to his future career, and how they can affect his vision of his personal development in the nearest future;
  • How a person is going to achieve his goals, whether he has them, and how they intersect with corporate values ​​and plans for the future;
  • Based on the answers, the employer will understand how well the person will fit in with the team, how they will work together, and how the employee will relate to corporate values;
  • 5 years is a long enough period for a person and for any company. It is important to understand will the hiring company be able to offer something that will suit the employee and satisfy his goals.

The last point, like, in part, all the rest, applies only to those hiring companies that hire a person, and potentially are ready to develop him and move him up the career ladder. And there are companies that hire a person simply to perform a certain job for a long period, and are not particularly interested in any career growth of workers. But in the first and second cases, employers are happy to see interested and ambitious people who are ready to work.

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How is it better not to answer such questions?

1. There will be no single correct answer to such questions, since everyone will have their own individual answer to such questions. Everyone has their own individual goals and development paths, and you should only answer as you think for yourself, and not written somewhere. But there are answers that can immediately leave you as the least desirable candidate:

2. Don’t say that you haven’t thought about your future, or where you will be in 5 years. Firstly, it is strange that you do not think about your future, secondly, such an answer will indicate that you are not ambitious, and the phrase “I live only for today” will not give you a job;

3. To say that they are not even sure about their near future because of the situation in the world. The situation in the world is one thing, but personal plans for development and work are another. Your plans can change at least a hundred more times, but it is important that at every moment of your life you have a point to which you will move.

4. Talk only about personal plans, and talk little about career plans. You came to get a job, which means that the employer is interested in you as an employee. You should focus on work, and mention some personal goals a little. But the main thing in the answer should be exactly career plans.

5. Tell HR that in five years you will be self-employed. In that case, why are you doing this job now? And why does an employer need an employee who quickly leaves and will not be able to fully reveal his potential in work?

Such answers, or any others similar in meaning to these, are guaranteed not to please the employer. Since such a question was asked, it means that they hire a person who is expected to develop himself and help develop the place in which he works. And the examples of answers that were mentioned above are more likely to push the employer away from a frivolous employee who does not plan anything and does not look to his future.

What possibly should be said in your response to this question?

1. Prove that you have ambitions and some goals

If you want to develop and learn new things, then you can also develop the place where you work, and maybe even the people around you. But do not go too far with ambition, and for example, say that in the next 5 years you see yourself in the boss’s chair. Doesn’t matter how cool it sounds, if you reply like that, you may simply not be hired and sent to try to become a boss in other places. You need to have plans to grow and develop, but in moderation. And respect other people and their work.

2. Say that you’re want to develop yourself while working

Live and learn. All life consists of acquiring various kinds of experience, ups and downs. But if you do not make efforts to become better, you are unlikely to go far in your development from your current self. Employers have some connections that give them a chance to more easily develop their employees, give them courses and seminars that improve the skills of the employee, and in return you will have to correctly apply your new skills in practice, and for the benefit of the company. It’s logically more profitable to have one employee who can do a lot than several who can do little.

3. Say that the targets of the company, and your personal ones, intersect and have something in common

If it is true. Also, it can be good if you simply adapt your life and work goals to work in this place, and this answer should appeal to most employers. But in order to correctly say this, you need to familiarize yourself with directions and targets of development that the company is following, before the interview. If you do not do this, you will not be able to competently express your thoughts on this matter, and show your disinterest in working in this particular place, which is very important for every employer.

If you have little experience, or you are not completely sure about your future, it is also a good option to say that in 5 years you see yourself as a more perfect version of yourself, and that during these five years you will put all your efforts for the good of your place. work, and also follow the above tips, which may help you put together a good answer to all such questions about the future.

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