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Things to do in White Plains 

Few people that visit New York take time to visit the White Plains, which is just 25 miles from Manhattan, and it’s still an inner suburb of NYC. If you already saw the main big-city attractions, the smaller White Plains community could be a great getaway from a bustling Big Apple lifestyle. White Plains offers numerous attractions from nearby beaches in summer, an abundance of bars and restaurants, and plenty of historical landmarks.

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What to do in White Plains

One of the premier destinations in White Plains is the Westchester shopping mall, where you can find upscale shops without considerable crowds in New York City. Instead, you can find fancy eateries from downtown Manhattan, shops like Luis Vuitton, Tiffany and Co., and recreational areas for children.

History enthusiasts can go to Battle of White Plains Park, almost two acres of public space on the location of the historic battle. There is interpretative signage and numerous park amenities like a seating area, children’s playground, etc. 

Near the Park, you can find historic Elijah Miller House, a Rhode Island-type farmhouse built in the 18th century. During the war for Independence, George Washington used it as a headquarters, and the house is now a museum with numerous artifacts from that time.

You can also visit the Percy Grainger Home and Studio, a historic 1893 house with a pyramidal roof. A notable musician Grainger lived there for forty years, and it became the registered landmark place.

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Beaches near White Plains NY

The Hudson Valley has plenty of access to water, being in the ocean, rivers, and lakes. Probably the most popular destination is Glen Island Park, connected to the area by a bridge. Westchester popular getaway has been a destination for locals since the early 1920s. You can find sandy beaches, picnic spots, restaurants, and many other beach vacation amenities.

Croton Point Park is a substantial public spot on a peninsula on the Hudson River if you’re more a river type. There are great hiking trails, swimming spots, and you can camp in the Park. 

The closest beach to the White Plains is in Rye Town. The vast 34-acre beach and even bigger Park has more than 100 years of tradition. The long sandy beach offers many amenities, and the swimming season is from Memorial Day to September.

With a short drive from White Plains, you can reach Stephen E. Johnston Beach at Harbor Island Park or Lake Welch Beach. Nyack Beach State Park is also a popular destination.

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Bars in White Plains 

Downtown White Plains has a couple of hotspots. The Brazen Fox acts as a bar, but you can also have meals. Enjoy sporting events, and get the authentic pub vibes with a broad selection of beers.

Hudson Grille is a popular destination for burgers, chicken wings, and similar food by day, and elegant space, with patio and two bars, becomes lively after 9 pm.
Lazy Boy Saloon offers live music on Friday and has an excellent craft beer selection every day. You can also go for Buffalo hot wings at Thursday’s discounts. Alex Lounge, Dunne’s Pub, and the Blind Pig of Westchester are other notable bars in the area.

White Plains performing arts

White Plains Performing Arts Center is a state-of-the-art facility downtown offering a rich cultural program. The in-house production has a professional theatre, and you can also catch touring performers from stand-up comedy to theatre, dance, and music. 

The viable idea is to stay a couple of days in White Plains or even explore the East Coast from New York to Boston. Before making bookings, make sure you have an ESTA USA visa. Otherwise, you won’t be able to enter the US. ESTA permit is valid for two years, and you can stay up to 90 days in the country.

Bottom line

White Plains is a small town in a vast metropolitan area of New York City. It’s some 25 miles from the heart of Big Apple and offers a different, more subtle atmosphere with significant historical landmarks and great food and drink offerings. You can also have a day at the beach during the summer months with few well-maintained beaches nearby.

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