Things to Keep In Mind While Buying Sectional Covers

Charlotte Miller

Things to Keep In Mind While Buying Sectional Covers

Patio furniture covers play an important role in safeguarding your outdoor investment. Your outdoor sectional sofas are likely to wear off with time quickly without them. Patio furniture is available in various materials and designs and each material has its respective advantages and disadvantages. 

In this article, we will be looking at some important things that you should consider at the time of buying sectional covers.


Sadly, some people do not pay much attention to the dimensions at the time of buying sectional covers as a result of which they end up buying covers having wrong dimensions that do not properly fit on the furniture. In most cases, furniture manufacturers make covers, especially for their pieces. So the best idea is to contact the manufacturer first while buying sectional covers. If the manufacturer does not make covers then you have to take the measurements on your own for your patio sectional sofa. It is a best practice to buy covers that are neither too long nor too short for ensuring healthy air circulation inside the cover. 

Waterproof Covers

Most patio covers claim to be waterproof but in reality, they are not much effective. They only protect your furniture from a drizzle. The best patio cover is the one that does not allow a single drop of water to enter. Besides protecting your furniture from rain, efficient covers will also protect our furniture from dust and debris that tends to leave dirty marks on your clothes. But while buying a waterproof cover remember to buy one that also allows proper air circulation inside as too much moisture accumulation can lead to fungi growth. According to FINDANYANSWER, vinyl fabrics are the best cover material for outdoor furniture as it is entirely waterproof and durable to resist to extreme weather conditions.

The Breathability of the Material

Sectional covers that have a vent in them are called breathable covers. Such covers allow proper air circulation inside. If you get a furniture cover that does not have a vent then there are high chances of mold and mildew growth on your furniture. And if you have faced this, then there is no need to say what a hassle it is to remove molds from the furniture. So the best you can do is to get a breathable cover. But again remember that most companies claim their sectional covers to be breathable, which they are but to such an extent that they also let dust and water to enter inside.  


Tie Downs

You might think that this is of no significance but this little feature will prevent your sectional covers from getting blown away in wind. You must have seen how outdoor furniture covers tend to inflate like balloons at the time of strong winds. So, it will be an added advantage if you can get a cover with a tie-down.


These are some things that you must keep in your mind at the time of buying covers for your patio sectional sofa. Above all these, if you see that the outside weather is getting worse then consider getting your patio furniture indoors. 

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