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Who doesn’t love using emojis in their conversations? Of course, everyone does. There’s no better way to convey your emotions while chatting, other than to include emoticons and gifs. It just ameliorates your otherwise flat conversation to the next level. Many smartphone keyboards are trying to outshine each other by including unique features in their keyboards to facilitate human interaction via chatting. Therefore, we’ve compiled a list of new and efficient keyboards that would enhance your conversations to another level. Keep reading!

1) Malayalam Keyboard

Manglish Keyboard is the most entertaining keyboard on this list! Do you want to know why? Well, besides adding groovy gifs and emojis, this keyboard comes with some preloaded Bobblehead. Hard to believe, right? But yes, it’s true. Keyboard apart from adding cool gif and emojis, it also comes with a bunch of preloaded Story packs. Yes, Story Packs. You get features like personalized themes, stickers with your bobble head, voice texting, glide typing, Bigmoji, quotes, mood analyzer and much more. Moreover, you get to select from a huge lot of theme stock and various options to customize from. 

2) Swiftkey

Swiftkey has to be one of the most astounding keyboards on this list. It works on machine learning AI to provide you with appropriate responses in English or Hindi and Hinglish surprisingly. The keyboard acknowledges and learns Indian words and phrases and gives responses accordingly. This keyboard is highly customizable based on the theme. 

3) Gift

The gift is yet another cool storehouse for gifs. If you’re someone who’s more into effective communication and uses a lot of gifs, this keyboard is the one for you! Not only can you choose from the plethora of gifs embedded in the keyboard but can also make custom gifs out of videos or shoot one. Exciting, right?

4) Gif Keyboard

This keyboard has a whole stock of fun and cool gifs of all kinds, be it cats, dogs, or pretty much everything. All you need to do is think of something groovy and they’ll probably have it. You can directly send the gif into a conversation via keyboard and can save it as well. 

5) Fleksy

Fleksy is yet another efficient keyboard that encompasses gifs and emojis while having an amazing auto-correction set up in the background for keeping those long conversations going on with ease. Get yourself a clean-looking UI and funky gestures for text prediction and there you have a multitasking keyboard on your fingertips. 

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6) Minuum

This is one of the most quirky-looking keyboards on our list. Not only it’s famous for its cool gifs and emoji support, but also its distinctive layout. The small footprint gives you abundant space on the screen to easily have lengthy conversations. It’s machine learning and auto-correction figured out what you’re trying to type and responds accordingly. While it comes with a bit of learning, it’s a fun keyboard nonetheless. 

7)Slash Keyboard

You can directly search for things on Google, Amazon, or any other website and send them directly through Giphy. Moreover, you can search for gifs and send them at the same time in a conversation. It might not famous for its auto-correction expertise, yet it’s an aesthetic multifunctional key that’s worth checking out. 

8)Ai Type Keyboard

Ai Type Keyboard facilitates a zillion of themes and emoji plugins that you can get from the Play Store. It’s filled with the latest Android O emojis. This efficient keyboard comes with smart AI machine learning just like others from the list, for auto-correction and predictive text.  The Keyboard understands the way you type and offers suggestions accordingly.

9) GBoard

Gboardis the easiest and most realistic keyboard available on the Play Store. With access to the  Google Search bar at the tips of your finger, you can look for emojis and gifs in a blink. You can share Google, Maps, and other links directly into conversations without any hustle of copy-paste. 

10) Typany Keyboard

This is one of the new keyboards added to the Play Store. Besides having a plethora of themes to choose from, you also get the option of customizing a whole lot of stickers and emojis before sending them to your loved ones. What better to convey your emotions than talking through stickers and gifs. So if you’re someone who loves chatting through stickers, this keyboard is the one for you! 


If you’re bored of the monotonous chatting through the same keyboard, you can try your hands on these funky and cool keyboards that will elevate your chat game. While people usually believe chatting is not an effective way of communication because the person may not understand your emotions through a text until your emotions are clear. Don’t worry. With these keyboards, you can an upper hand in conveying your emotions appropriately with the help of abundant stickers and gifs that comes with it. Don’t waste further time, just spice up your conversations and them more effectively through these amazing set of keyboards and zillions of gifs that would depict your emotions perfectly. My personal favorite out of the lot is Malayalam Keyboard Online as it has varieties of features to choose from. So download Malayalam Keyboard to experience it yourself.

Happy chatting!

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