Top 10 Tips To Grow Your Discord Community

Charlotte Miller

Top 10 Tips To Grow Your Discord Community

Discord is a social media app that allows users to chat and share content with one another. It’s very popular among gamers, but it can be used for just about anything! It’s no secret that Discord has become one of the most popular chat programs in recent years. And when you’re looking to grow your community, it can be tricky to figure out what steps to take to get more members in the door. 

“Growing your Discord community may seem like a daunting task, but it’s actually quite simple!

In this article, we’ll go over ten tips on how you can grow your Discord community by following these best practices. 

1. Start By Inviting Your Friends To Join

This may seem a bit obvious, but it’s the best place to start. Invite your friends and family who might be interested in joining – they’re going to be your ‘guinea pigs if you will.”

2. Add More Channels

Once you have some more people on Discord, get them into more channels where they can interact with one another!

“It might help to have a channel for general discussion, another for gaming-related talk, and another for music lovers. You can also try creating a channel for different games or communities that share the same interests as yours!”

3. Get Active In The Chat

Just by being online, you’re bringing activity to your Discord server! Let people know that you’re there for them. Don’t send pointless messages every second or try to spam users, but do engage with other members!”

“It’s also a good idea to play some games! Being active on the platform will give it more relevance to potential new users.”

4. Be Aware Of Bots

Bots are great tools that can be used in various ways to enhance the experience for your users and give them what they need faster. A popular bot used by Discord servers is Dyno which has tons of valuable features, including customizable role permissions, moderation commands, music playback controls, etc. There are many other bots as well, so do some research and see how you can utilize them.

“Discord bots can automate so much! You could write advanced functions within the bot itself or use some of the already made bots to help you with your needs. For example, having an up-to-date channel for each game server means all admins can be informed when someone is griefing or hacking without any thinking on their part.”

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5. Customise Your Discord Server Page With Graphics And Banners

One of the easiest ways to promote yourself is through customizing how your Discord server appears online. Make sure there are links back to your Twitter account, website, etc.” 

“Write out some rules about what kind of behavior is expected – just like any other social media platform, people often respond to short and sweet rules. Remind them of these rules when they forget!”

“Add a list of your community’s moderators! This way, when new users join, they will know who is in charge.”

6. Answering FAQs:

Make it easy for newcomers by writing some frequently asked questions and getting users who are familiar with Discord to answer them. A new user will make a post which is then answered by another member (or multiple members) who offer advice/tips etc.; this means that there is no possible way a question will remain unanswered.

7. Raffling

Get your users to commit to monthly raffles where they can enter using their Raffle Tokens from Discord. This is a great way to get more people involved with the server as it isn’t too much of a commitment, and giving away something for free encourages new members to join faster as the prize is theirs either way.

8. Giveaways/Sweepstakes

These are also good ways for gaining interest in the server! A potential newcomer might just want that pixel art banner you’re offering but have no reason to choose your server over another because there’s nothing they perceive as being offered by yours that they can’t find elsewhere.”

“Make sure you reply quickly and efficiently if someone makes a message. It shows that you care about your community and will encourage people to chat with you more. Try to look for users who have a similar role as yourself if possible to ensure a good time for everyone.”

“The only way the person can tell if it worked or not is by actually seeing an increase in conversation, so make sure you’re doing what you said! If someone’s been really active over the past few days, try messaging them as well, just as a little extra boost.”

9. Encourage Users To Interact With Your Community In Any Way They Can

This seems simple enough, but it can be difficult if done wrong. You want your members to talk and interact with one another, but some sort of moderation has to be enforced, especially if the members are new.

10. Be Patient But Firm

They’re going to respond eventually, and most likely, they will want to make amends, but you have to be firm with them. Make sure that their behavior is changed for good by making up a set of rules they need to follow or a list of consequences that will happen if their actions continue.  

You also have to keep in mind that some users may not understand these consequences right away, so keep at it! It can take a while for some people to comprehend what’s happening here entirely, so don’t give up on them until you feel as though they’ve finally seen the light.” “If they haven’t been staff long enough yet, they might be

11. Don’t Forget About Voice Chat

This is extremely important when building your discord community. Most of your members are probably gamers. If you want them to keep coming back, make sure you have voice chat available for them! This lets your community connect on a more personal level with each other. 

12. Utilize The #Rules Channel Too

It’s easy to create a rules channel where people can report rule-breakers here or write up some rules yourself if there is no current set. 

13. Add A Tag To Your Server! 

This is very helpful as it shows users what your server is all about when they first visit; things like the topics within the community, details of any channels, etc. will help people decide if they want to join or not.

We wish you the best to grow your discord community in the shortest amount of time possible! 

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