Charlotte Miller

Top 3 Ways to Send Appointment Reminders to Your Clients

Clients missing appointments is a problem for any business’s bottom line, and it can disrupt the development of a strong client-provider relationship. Inconsistency has negative results in various types of professional relationships; whether it’s weekly therapy or annual auto maintenance, missing appointments increases the likelihood of a breakdown.

People are busy and not everyone keeps a planner or backs up their digital calendar. You can keep missed appointments to a minimum by sending appointment reminders. You can further minimize the problem by using multiple avenues of communication, all of which can be easily streamlined through an appointment reminder app.

To be sure your clients show up when they said they would, you or your company should send emails, make calls, and send text reminders for appointments

Top 3 Appointment Reminder Methods

  1. Email

Email is a good method for far out reminders. In fact, sending an email reminder immediately after making new appointments helps people who actually do use planners effectively. As the least intrusive option, email is convenient for many clients.

Email appointment reminders are often sent three weeks out, one week out, and three days out. Not everyone checks their email daily, so be sure to give a little more wiggle room if you’re using email reminders.

  1. Call

Phone call reminders are the traditional method, making this a good option for many older folks. Calls are less likely to be overlooked than email, and less likely than text reminders for appointments to be glanced at and forgotten (again, especially for your older clients). Calls also give your clients an immediate opportunity to reschedule their appointment if need be.

Call reminders typically go out one to three business days prior to appointments.

  1. Text

Text reminders for appointments are becoming the most commonly preferred system, especially for digital natives. They are very likely to be seen. While email may not be checked daily, and many people screen their calls and/or don’t check their voicemails, almost everyone reads their text messages.

Text reminders can be read on non-smart phones, and when using the right software can include an easy text back action so clients can confirm or cancel their appointment. 

Text reminders for appointments are best closest to appointment time–typically sent out a day before. 

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Use an App to Send Email, Call, and Text Reminders for Appointments

You can send one or more of these types of messages through an appointment reminder app. Such apps have message templates to simplify the process, or you can customize the content of your messages. The good ones can avoid spam filters. With an appointment reminder app you can set up your reminders well ahead of time and send them out on a prearranged schedule.

Streamline Your Appointment Reminder System 

Having an effective appointment reminder system is essential to keeping profits high and client-provider relationships strong. Clients have different preferences for how they want to be contacted. Simplify your scheduling process with a quality appointment reminder system that allows you to send reminders via the most popular methods.

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