Top 5 Applicant Tracking System Features Recruiters Need To Know About

Berry Mathew

Top 5 Applicant Tracking System Features Recruiters Need To Know About

Applicant Tracking Systems are the new age savior for recruiters. Poached with its multi-functionality, an ATS can cater to almost every hiring requirement a recruitment agency has. 

To yield your desired results, it’s important to carefully handpick the features your agency needs to make the most of your ATS investment. 

Of course, no two recruitment agencies are the same, meaning there might be a few features that your agency may uniquely need, but here are some essential features you shouldn’t miss out on!

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5 Must-Have Applicant Tracking System Features 

  • Candidate Sourcing

What good is an ATS software without one of its principal features? The ATS you choose to buy must be equipped with a feature that accelerates a recruiter’s most crucial job–Candidate sourcing!

Candidate sourcing has always been an integral function of the recruitment process. No matter how many job boards and platforms you choose to put up your job opening on, having a steady candidate pipeline always comes in handy. 

We all know a robust candidate pipeline is the secret to quicker and better placements, which is exactly where the candidate sourcing feature of ATS can make things easier for you.

A recruiting software with an intelligent candidate sourcing feature can enrich a recruiter’s candidate pipeline, leading to significant growth in your talent pool. Some of the functionalities you’ll find in an applicant tracking system’s candidate sourcing feature include– 

  • Effective Candidate Data Management: Keeping track of competent candidates from past recruitment drives can help you create a strong candidate flow for future job openings.
  • A User-Friendly Interface to Access Information: Having all your past candidate records organized in one place with easy accessibility makes your recruiting procedure even more convenient.
  • Category-Based Grouping of Candidates: Every job opening has its requirements for skill sets. When your ATS helps you categorize your candidate pipeline based on certain essential skills, you will always know which category to pick for which job, saving both time and effort.
  • Automated Outreach: Gaining visibility for your job postings is crucial for effective candidate sourcing. Automated outreach through a candidate sourcing feature can help you save hours spent on candidate outreach and manual job posting. 
  • Interview Management

Interviews are undoubtedly one of the most important and time-consuming steps of a hiring cycle. Even though candidate interviews demand a significant share of recruitment skills, recruiters can rely on automation to accelerate this process for faster hiring. 

With an interview management feature, applicant tracking systems can cut down on added stress and work hours in a number of ways, including–

  • Quick Scheduling: Scheduling interviews don’t have to be a fuss! An ATS can help keep track of every important meeting or event through integrated work calendars. With a cloud-based system, your calendar can be updated automatically, helping candidates and clients spot available time slots and schedule interviews accordingly. 
  • Structured Interview Kits: There is a lot that goes behind an interview to get the best out of it. ATS’ structured interview kits will help you conduct an on-point session with a given set of instructions and pre-determined questions, along with a scorecard for accurate evaluation.
  • Feedback Incorporation: An ATS can use past feedback of candidates on your pre-designed interview procedure to analyze if any change is required for a better candidate experience and overall results.
  • Candidate Relationship Management (CRM)

Maintaining a steady and strategic means of communication with your candidate pipeline is vital to stay on top of your game. A candidate will automatically feel more interested in the role you offer once you ace the employee-employer relationship.

Suppose you found a potential candidate that you wish you could hire. But they don’t really fit into the requirements for the specific role you are filling. So what do you do? 

Let a competent candidate go? Not necessarily!

You can instead retain them through a Candidate Relationship Management tool (CRM) to keep them in your existing database, where you can reassess them for a future role that comes up. 

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If you’re looking out for an effective recruitment CRM, keep an eye out for these core features–

  • The Tag Feature

Simply storing candidate information isn’t enough. Certain applicants need to be bookmarked for when in need. Without the tagging feature, you might end up in a puddle of names.

  • Candidate Filtering

One of the most valuable features of CRM is the option to filter candidates. This feature allows recruiters to filter their candidate list based on desired skills or qualifications for a particular role. The ability to filter candidates based on specific criteria is a great way to accelerate your candidate sourcing and resume screening process. 

  • Automated Communication

With the help of a CRM system, agency recruiters can centralize their communication functions on a single platform. From past and present candidates to their entire client base, a CRM is the best way to automate and centralize your communication, providing a positive client and candidate experience!

  • Data Analysis 

If you want to make the best placements based on tangible information, a data-driven recruitment strategy yields the best results. 

While this data can significantly help you boost the overall hiring quality, gathering and analyzing all this information takes work. 

This is where a reports dashboard comes into use. A reports dashboard provides detailed insights into candidate behavior and key recruitment metrics to help you make more informed hiring decisions.

An all-in-one analytical tool can help you collect, store and present the relevant data whenever necessary in tabular or graphical mode to comprehend a vast pool of information in a single diagram.

  • Centralization

Multiple tabs and endless links in scattered folders sound scary, right? Trying to locate just a single document, especially with high-volume recruiting, can turn into a nightmare! 

With a centralized system that brings all the functions in the recruitment cycle under one roof, you can have it all just a click away! From viewing candidate profiles to providing feedback and managing communication channels all under the same software, a centralized applicant tracking is a complete recruiter solutions package. 

Recruitment is a team venture. Everyone needs to join hands and work efficiently and effectively to land the candidate as desired. The only way you can reach this goal is through a seamless and centralized platform. 

An ATS is indeed any recruiter’s favorite recruiting tool because of its features that make the  A-Z of recruitment more feasible for hiring teams. 

Top-notch recruitment skills combined with the power of AI and automation can do wonders for amping up your recruiting game!