Type of Gamers You May Find In Escape Room

Charlotte Miller

Type of Gamers You May Find In Escape Room

People say that you should know your customers before you start a business. You need to know a lot about what they want and need to meet those needs profitably. If you think about it, the whole advertising business is built around this goal i,e, finding out what a customer thinks using market research. It indeed tends to lead to generalizations. Even though we are told that this is a lazy way to put people in groups, it is still a very useful function.

There are various kinds of Escape Room games; take the floor is lava escape room red herrings, or lost reality, for example. Similarly, there are different kinds of players as well. Why? The game has a set structure, and you need certain skills to finish it within the time limit. We can see all the different kinds of people who use the same method to complete. 

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the most common types of players you’ll find in an escape room.

The Passionate One

If you want real, honest feedback on your game or how it works, you could do a lot worse than listening to the fans after they’ve played. That’s because this person loves escape rooms and has played many of them over the years. People go far to try out new escape rooms and new games for escape rooms. You can find them on escape room message boards, chat rooms, and forums, where they ask for advice and look for the best game. Be careful, because they know how to look for discounts and bonuses. When making games for this fanatic, at least one or two of the clues or puzzles must be new. It could be a twist in the story or an unusual design, but it should be something the fan hasn’t seen before. 

The Beginner

Someone who has never been to an escape room is standing here. The player is also one of the most sought-after people in the business of escape room games. Escape room games can only make money if there are always new players. Without these new customers, we would only have repeat customers, and as time goes on, they get harder to please because they always want new puzzles, stories, and games that are more immersive and exciting. 

Even though new players get games for beginners, we think you should add some puzzles to those for intermediate players. It will make the game a little more difficult, but they won’t be upset if they can’t finish all the levels. Also, if they win and the clues are hard, the victory taste even better.

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The Leader 

Well, this player is a must-have in escape rooms. Surprisingly, they are not so rare. The Leader sets themself apart from the team right from the start of the game and starts to organize the process. There is a limited amount of time to finish an escape room, so it’s important to tell people what they need to do. With a Leader, the team works well and accurately as a single machine. The Leader lets players manage their time efficiently and not waste their strength and skills for nothing. On the other hand, in case the Leader makes a mistake, the game can be a failure for everyone.

The One Who Kills

Here’s another player who will help you figure out where your puzzles and games are physically weak. Even if you say a thousand times that the props shouldn’t be forced, this guy will force them anyway. Everything, including the locks, the furniture, and the support, must be made stronger. 

We suggest you screw as many things as possible to the walls or floor. The destroyer will break everything that isn’t screwed down as soon as he walks into the room. Also, please don’t use real glass in the escape room because the destroyer will find a way to break it. If you’re not very comfortable with this one, you can always look for indoor activities in Sydney, as escape room puzzles are also available online.

The Thinker

This player will breeze through all the clues and puzzles and finish the game in half the time allowed, not just because they might have played an escape room game before but also because they can figure out the puzzles and clues you’ve set up right away. 

Depending on how good your team is, you should include some puzzles from a few levels to keep the logician happy and busy. If he doesn’t slow down, his speed will likely ruin the game for the other players.

The Unpredictable One

Some players don’t know where to start, so they often look for clues where there are none. People will look at the pattern on the curtain because they are sure there is a code inside. Worse still, they are confident they are going in the right direction. If many things in the room have nothing to do with the game, you can be sure that the tricky player will find a way to get to them and then start basing his ideas on them. Most exit room games are a huge letdown for this type of player because they spend so much time going in the wrong direction.

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