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What are Social Media Algorithms? 

Most of the time, if we watch or read the same kind of content twice or thrice, our feed automatically starts getting the identical posts. This is no miracle but the game of algorithms. Computers are growing more competent day by day. Social media algorithm is a way that helps sort the relevant reels and posts and show them on the feed of the user. With the help of this algorithm, social media prioritizes the content based on the user’s liking rather than the date of publication.  

Now, it is an intelligent way to help people see and read what they want, but how? What’s the trick behind algorithms, and how do they work? If you have answers to these questions, it will be a cakewalk to increase the followers and help your business get a good exposure. 


There are different types of algorithms that work differently for each business. To understand the working of algorithms, it is essential to understand the types of algorithms. 

Types of Social Media Algorithms 

LinkedIn Algorithm: 

LinkedIn might claim to be a business hub organizer, but the reality is that it is a social media platform. Hence the work is also no different. If your algorithm sets appropriately, you will be flooded with followers and clients. But elsewise, your post will end up in purgatory.  

How does it work? 

  • It helps the user to find the relevant content.  
  • It helps in getting more engagement 
  • More followers, connections, and view 

Facebook Algorithm: 

Facebook is used by 1.9 billion people every day to find engaging, relevant, and enjoyable content. With over 200 million businesses using Facebook, it’s no surprise that 93% of marketers are on the platform. And as companies continue to grow, using Facebook will help them reach new customers and grow their brands. Facebook uses an algorithm to evaluate every post. Our algorithm ranks posts and arranges them in the most relevant and engaging way for each user. Every time user refreshes their feeds, the process takes place. Hence the Facebook algorithm loves what users love. 

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How does it work? 

  • The algorithm promotes meaningful, informative, and relatable content 
  • Accuracy and authenticity are given preferences 
  • Obscene and disrespectful messages unapproved  

Instagram Algorithm: 

The platform is the favorite SEO services in Lucknow, the agency is its algorithm. Instagram is all about set of rules and signals that help to rank content on the platform: across users’ feeds, the Explore Page, and post feeds. The algorithm analyzes every position on the network, taking metadata, hashtags, and engagement metrics into account. The Instagram algorithm is a mixture of factors that helps the platform analyze which content should be presented to users and which can be pushed to the bottom of their newsfeed. 

How does it work? 

  • Decides the position of the post and in what order. 
  • The post that will be featured on Explore Tab 
  • Following the preferences of the user, it determines the order of lives, reels, etc., 

Twitter Algorithm 

Let’s start with a clarification. Twitter is powered by numerous algorithms that determine how the material is delivered on the network. This contains everything from suggested accounts to the most popular Tweets. Twitter’s algorithms, like other social media algorithms, focus on customization. For individuals who use the Latest Tweets view, an essential list of Tweets from the following Topics and accounts in reverse-chronological order, the Twitter feed algorithm does not affect the main timeline. However, it does organize the chronology for those who use a Home view. Twitter algorithms also fuel Twitter Trends, Topics, and suggestions, which display in the Notifications tab (as push notifications), the Explore page, and the home timeline. 

How it works: 

  • Recent once gets more priority 
  • Relevancy matters 
  • Helps in engagement 
  • Encourages Graphic designs 
  • Word count and authenticity of accounts matter 

Pinterest Algorithm: 

Like most people, you use Pinterest to find new recipes, fashion inspiration, and home decorating ideas. You may not understand that the platform is based on a lot of science. This social networking site constantly changes its algorithm to present viewers with the greatest possible content. Understanding the Pinterest algorithm is critical to success. The algorithm decides which pins appear in a user’s feed and search results. It is continuously evolving; therefore, being up to speed on the current trends is critical. 

How it works: 

  • It depends on the domain quality 
  • Quality of Pins 
  • It gives weightage to the pinner’s quality 
  • Topic relevancy is a must 


Algorithms are the way social media works. A digital marketing agency in Lucknow, helps you understand how it works and use it to grow your business.  

On social media, algorithms are employed to sort items in a user’s feed. With so much material accessible, it’s a method for social networks to rank information based on various characteristics. 

An algorithm’s objective is to filter out irrelevant or low-quality stuff. Your material may be buried or hidden from feeds if it does not meet the standards. Furthermore, as Google introduces a new ranking indication – page experience – it’s critical that you brush up on essential web fundamentals to guarantee bots and people notice your content.

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