What Are the Do’s and Don’ts of Applying to Clinical Medicine 

Berry Mathew

What Are the Do’s and Don’ts of Applying to Clinical Medicine 

One of the most important step towards making a career in medicine is landing a medical school interview. Before you send your application, it is important to do thorough research on the medical school as this will help you better understand the value of the place, along with its course structure, student societies, clinical rotations and other USPs. 

It will also help you make a better impression on the application and in the interview because you will sound more informed about the medical school. While a medical school interview can be a nerve racking experience, you can ace it by keeping a few things in mind. Here are a few do’s and don’ts that you must focus on while preparing for the big day. 

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The Do’s Of A Medical Interview 

Get Familiar With The Format And Style Of Questions 

Being prepared is very important if you are looking to make the right first impression. So, start familiarizing yourself with the format of the questionnaire and the kind of questions your interviewer may ask. There are some websites that specifically provide information on this topic and one of them is the Medic Portal.

Practice Before The Interview 

Simply reading and making notes will not be enough as you are required to speak confidently in front of the interview panel. So, it’s important that you practice the interview questions with your friends and family members. This will help you get comfortable with the format and allow you to speak more confidently. 

Be Authentic 

During the interview round, the committee is more concerned about your personal approach and passion for the medical field. Giving rehearsed answers to everything will not help you demonstrate your unique qualities which is needed to create a positive impression. Instead, be the best version of yourself and talk about how passionate you are about this field, any personal experience that has pulled you to the medical sector and what your aim is in this career. 

Dress Well 

Another aspect of a good impression is your attire. You certainly cannot appear shabbily for your medical interview and you should dress for the part. Along with clean and formal looking attire, make sure that your mannerisms are also professional. The interview panel will not only notice the way your dress but also the way you speak and conduct yourself. So, it’s important that you look as well as sound professional which demonstrates you are serious about the field that you want to make a career in. 

The Don’ts Of Medical Interview 

Avoid Long Silences 

Appearing unsure of yourself and your answer can cost you the interview and your admission to the medical school. While it makes sense to pause and think about a question, avoid long silences and try not to appear as though you are stuck or unsure. 

Don’t Memorise Answers 

There is no rehearsed perfect answer to any particular question that the interviewer will ask. So completely avoid memorising things and instead modify each answer to give it a personal spin. While you need to practice before the interview, memorising answers will result in you sounding very robotic and the interview panel may be able to tell that you are not thinking on the spot.

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