What Are The Most Common Causes Of Truck Accidents?

Berry Mathew


What Are The Most Common Causes Of Truck Accidents?

Have you ever wondered what the most frequent reasons for the hundreds of truck accidents that happen every year across the nation are? Although many of the causes of accidents are very clear, there is a handful that could surprise you. A truck accident lawyer will be needed for each of the top reasons for truck accidents in the US that we will discuss today. If you are hurt in a truck accident or other commercial vehicle collision, the lawyers and team will work with you to get the full compensation you deserve. They have the specialist knowledge, practical experience, and financial backing you need.

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Major reasons for the truck accidents

Truck driver fatigue – The fatigue of the truck driver contributed to many accidents. Federal laws limit a driver’s ability to drive for more than 11 hours straight. After a lengthy shift, drivers are required to take a 10-hour minimum rest period. This is intended to lessen driver tiredness.

Trucks with distracted drivers- It might be monotonous to drive the same route for 10 hours every day. Truck drivers frequently start multitasking and lose attention since they spend long hours driving in isolated areas. Trucks are rather large and heavy. In the event of an accident, it requires time to stop them. Drivers must maintain concentration even when there is less traffic on the roads. It was discovered that drivers were using mobile devices in a majority of truck accidents. The accident was caused by them conversing, texting, viewing films, or even playing video games while they were driving.

Overloaded Goods: Both the weight and amount of cargo that trucks may carry are limited. Overloaded trucks are harder to control and are more likely to be involved in collisions. Additionally, the likelihood of an accident rises if the cargo is not equally distributed across the vehicle and is not tied securely.

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Many truck drivers, their supervisors, and their insurance companies will try to just disclaim responsibility for the accident and merely accept a settlement for far less than a case is worth. To ensure that all of your rights are fully protected, it is best to enlist the help of trained and experienced truck accident attorneys. They will help you get through this. So, if you ever meet with any such mishap, don’t delay in reaching out to a truck accident attorney.