Charlotte Miller

What Are The Problems of Self-Taught Programmers?

In the study of programming, self-education plays, of course, a huge role. And in general, everyone chooses the form of education for himself or herself; there is a factor of individuality. However, there is a popular belief among experienced programmers that self-study is an ordinary thing, accessible to almost any motivated person. In addition, you don’t face difficult homework, as you can while studying at college or university. However, homework is not a scary thing at all since you can always get help by simply googling “do my coding homework.” In this case, you can get help from an expert and complete tasks without any problems.

Are those who claim that self-education is the best way to become a programmer right? In reality, self-study may bring some problems. In this article, we will explain why teachers are needed.

It is difficult for a professional to “descend” to the mindset of a beginner

There is such a phenomenon in psychology. When a specialist spends many years developing skills, his or her thinking inevitably changes in the process. What beginners see as daunting seems elementary to a professional from the height of his level.

An experienced programmer is often unable to explain a certain working moment to a beginner in terms that are understandable for a beginner. He or she is not able to “descend” to the zero level of knowledge, mentally return to the state when you do not know anything.

So many people who have worked in IT for a dozen years, in principle, cannot put themselves in the shoes of someone who is just about to enter the profession. They don’t see anything difficult in learning to program – google and read. And for a beginner, learning from Google is like training to fly a Boeing according to the instructions that they printed out, poured sheets from the 12th floor, then collected them down the street (something was probably lost, or maybe not), folded them up like a pile and started to learn.

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Not everyone is super motivated to learn without a teacher

It is true, especially if this is not the first profession, but a transition into an absolutely unknown sphere. A person may have obligations: three children, two dogs, and a mortgage. He or she is forced to go to work somewhere at a factory, a hairdresser, or bank 5/2.

In such a situation, forcing yourself to load the brain additionally after work is not an easy task. For the first few weeks, a person will still hold out on motivational videos. However, in the end, the brain will whisper to him or her to give up these dreams of working in Google and rest in Bali. 

It is much more difficult to give up a dream when you are expected in class at specific hours, encouraged by like-minded people. Classmates tease with their own progress; it’s a shame to lag behind. Moreover, the money has been paid.

Of course, we can say that let them refuse to be a programmer, and the most persistent will remain in the profession. However, why is this way of motivation worse than the “natural” one based on willpower and nothing else? After all, in both cases, the person has found a way to get to the goal.

Priceless time

Imagine: you were told that you have a treasure in your garden. They gave a shovel and said: dig. The treasure is somewhere near the fence, but this is not for sure. You have a huge garden. And you are digging a day, a week, a month, three months. You are tired and drop this case or steadfastly continue to dig the soil if you desperately need the treasure.

What is the likelihood that you will find it? It is 50% at best

In another example, you were given a map where a bold cross marks a place between two cherry trees. You calmly headed there, digging diligently for several hours, and now you call your brother to come and help drag the chest into the house.

Of course, you could quit halfway if the pain from the callus on the palm overpowered the desire to buy a Ferrari. But the probability that you will still get to the treasure is higher than the sad 50% without a map.

“Digging” educational materials on your own is like looking for a treasure without a map. It is not clear which of the findings is relevant and which is already outdated. It is not clear whether you make mistakes and fix them or act correctly. Maybe this solution has already been invented 100,500 times by others, and you are reinventing the wheel on your only day off?

There are 24 hours in a day, of which our mortgagee from the previous example has only 2-3 free ones after work and raising children. And he or she also needs to rest sometime. Time is the most precious resource; it is impossible to accumulate it. Wasting it on empty digging is not a good idea.

Hiring a teacher to learn to program faster and with minimal effort is an affordable and reasonable solution for those who value their time.

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