What Is A Modular Power Supply? Everything You Need To Know

What Is A Modular Power Supply

What is a modular power supply? This question comes to you when you are planning to build a computer and it’s time to choose the best PSU (Power Supply Unit) as per your needs. In a modular power supply, you get three different types which make sit even more complex to choose from. Today we will tell you everything about what is a modular power supply?

What Is A Modular Power Supply?

Modular Power supplies are power supply units that have detachable cables. This helps the builder to attach or detach the cables which is not possible in the traditional power supplies as the cables are permanently attached.

There are two different Modular Power Supply units.

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  • Semi-Modular Power Supply

Semi-Modular Power Supply is a unit that comes with only all the important cables attached. The cables that come along are usually 24 Pin ATX, Single PCIe, 8 Pin CPU, 1 or 2 SATA/Molex cables. There is less mess in cables and is easy to manage cables with a semi-modular PSU

  • Full Modular Power Supply

A Full Modular Power Supply unit comes with no cables attached to it. You have to so all the needful. They give you many options as you can atta tch on the cables that are required and installed. This keeps the airflow at a good level and allows cable management can be done more efficiently.

What is Non-Modular Power Supply

The non-modular power supply units come with all the cables attached to it which means it’s ready to go modular power supply unit. The plus point in this is that you will not be needing any extra cable.

But they are very messy. The cable management is very difficult for them. It becomes really difficult to manage all the excess cables. When the cable management is not proper then it may affect the good and bad airflow plus on the operating temperature of your system.

Modular Power Supply vs Non-Modular Power Supply

If you compare full modular power supply vs semi-modular power supply vs non-modular power supply then you will find one biggest difference.

  • Full Modular Power Supplies have no cables pre-attached with it
  • Semi-Modular Power Supplies has only the most essential cables attached to it
  • Non-Modular Power Supplies all the cables are permanently pre-attached and you have no scope to add another cable.

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Is a modular power supply better?

Modular power supplies are best because you can attach or remove any cable whenever needed. Which in result helps you for better cable management and also gives better colling and lowers the temperature. Which in result will give you a very good performance.

What does non-modular power supply mean?

Non-modular power supply units come with all the cables permanently pre-attached. Which has its own pros and cons.

Is a non-modular PSU bad?

The non-modular PSU is not bad just that they come with permanent cables attached to it whereas modular PSUs give you flexibility for connecting cables as per your need.

What is fully modular?

A fully modular means you can remove and attach all the cables that connect to the system as and when required.

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A PSU is a must for the PC build and it makes sure that the most important parts are connected. A PSU with good spare wattage will give your system longevity. The biggest reason to buy a PSU is that it gives wattage, efficiency, and modularity. As you now know what is a modular power supply and the different types it will be easy for you to choose the right one for you.


What Is A Modular Power Supply? Everything You Need To Know –  TechsBoy

What Is A Modular Power Supply? Everything You Need To Know

What Is A Modular Power Supply?

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