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What Is Alt Passing Yards?

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Alt Passing Yards, also known as Alternative Passing Yards, is a metric used in football that accounts for yards gained or lost due to penalties or sacks. In traditional football statistics, passing yards refer to the total distance a quarterback throws the ball to receivers, contributing to the team’s offensive yardage. However, Alt Passing Yards offer a modified perspective on a quarterback’s performance by considering the impact of penalties and sacks on passing yardage.

What Is Alt Passing Yards?

  1. Penalties Impact: In football, penalties can nullify or reduce the yardage gained on a play. For instance, if a team gains 20 yards on a pass play but incurs a 10-yard penalty, the net gain becomes 10 yards. Alt Passing Yards factor in these penalties, adjusting the total passing yardage accordingly.
  2. Sack Yardage: Sacks occur when the defense tackles the quarterback behind the line of scrimmage, resulting in negative yardage for the offense. Alt Passing Yards also account for these negative yards, providing a more comprehensive view of a quarterback’s performance.

Calculation Of Alt Passing Yards:

To calculate Alt Passing Yards, the formula involves adjusting the total passing yards by deducting penalty yards and adding back yards lost due to sacks. The formula is as follows:

Alt Passing Yards=Total Passing Yards−Penalty Yards+Sack Yards

Importance And Significance:

  1. Complete Evaluation: Alt Passing Yards offer a more nuanced evaluation of a quarterback’s performance by accounting for factors that impact passing yardage beyond the quarterback’s control, such as penalties or offensive line performance.
  2. Understanding Efficiency: By factoring in penalties and sacks, Alt Passing Yards provide insights into a quarterback’s ability to overcome adverse situations, manage the game, and maintain offensive productivity despite setbacks.
  3. Comparative Analysis: Coaches, analysts, and fans use Alt Passing Yards to compare quarterbacks’ performances across games or seasons, providing a more accurate assessment of their effectiveness.

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Application In Football Analysis:

In the realm of football analysis and statistics, Alt Passing Yards contribute to a more comprehensive evaluation of a quarterback’s efficiency and productivity. Analysts use these metrics to assess a quarterback’s performance beyond just raw passing yardage, offering a more nuanced understanding of their contributions to the team’s offensive output.


Alt Passing Yards serve as an essential metric in football statistics, providing a nuanced perspective on a quarterback’s performance by factoring in the impact of penalties and sacks on passing yardage. By offering a more comprehensive evaluation, this metric contributes to a deeper understanding of a quarterback’s efficiency, resilience, and overall contributions to the team’s offensive success.


What Does Alt Passing Yards Mean?

“Alt passing yards” is an NFL bet that gives you more options on the over/under for how many yards a quarterback will throw. If you’re really high on a quarterback, you could pick the over on a higher alternate passing yards.

What Does Alt Mean In Bets?

An alternate total is when you bet on a total that is different from the official line. For example, say the Rangers are on the road facing the Islanders in the NHL, and the oddsmakers open the total at 5.5.

What Does Alt Mean On Fanduel?

When placing a bet on an Alt point line it allows you to bet on a different number than the main line currently being offered by the bookmaker setting the line at FanDuel sportsbook. By doing so you will either pay a higher or lower vig based on taking points in favor or against the main line offered.

What Does Alt Mean In Basketball?

An alternate line (alt line) provides bettors with options beyond the main spread and total bets on individual games. For example, let’s consider a standard NBA game listing: Your choices for betting on the spread are the Philadelphia 76ers minus two points or the Miami Heat plus two.

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