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What Is Community Control?

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In today’s interconnected world, the idea of community control has gained significant attention and traction. But what does community control mean, and why is it so important? This blog delves into the concept of community control, its significance, and how it empowers individuals and groups to shape their own destinies.

What Is Community Control?

Community control, in its essence, refers to the ability of a community or local group to actively participate in making decisions that affect their lives, environment, and resources. It involves the decentralization of power and decision-making from larger institutions, such as governments or corporations, to the people living and working within a specific area.

Key Aspects Of Community Control

  1. Self-Determination: Community control embodies the principle of self-determination, allowing communities to define their own goals, priorities, and aspirations. It acknowledges that those closest to the issues are often best equipped to address them.
  2. Participatory Democracy: It promotes participatory democracy, encouraging community members to engage in decision-making processes that impact their social, economic, and political well-being.
  3. Resource Management: Community control extends to the management of local resources, including land, water, and natural assets, ensuring that the benefits are distributed equitably among residents.
  4. Economic Empowerment: Communities may take control of economic initiatives, such as cooperative businesses, to create sustainable livelihoods and retain wealth within the community.

Examples Of Community Control

  1. Community Land Trusts: In housing, community land trusts are nonprofit organizations that acquire and hold land for the benefit of a community. Residents often play a role in decision-making regarding land use and development.
  2. Worker Cooperatives: Worker cooperatives are businesses owned and operated by their employees. They provide a model of economic empowerment and workplace control where workers participate in decision-making.
  3. Participatory Budgeting: Some cities and regions have implemented participatory budgeting processes that allow residents to have a say in how public funds are allocated, prioritizing community projects and needs.
  4. Indigenous Sovereignty: Indigenous communities around the world seek greater control over their lands, resources, and governance, asserting their right to self-determination.

Significance Of Community Control

  1. Empowerment: Community control empowers individuals and groups to take charge of their own destinies, fostering a sense of ownership and responsibility for their community’s well-being.
  2. Local Solutions: It recognizes that local communities often have unique challenges and opportunities, and they are best suited to identify and implement tailored solutions.
  3. Reduced Inequality: By distributing decision-making power, community control can reduce social and economic disparities, ensuring that resources and benefits are equitably shared.
  4. Sustainability: Communities tend to be more invested in the sustainable use and conservation of resources when they have control over them.

Challenges And Considerations

Implementing community control is not without challenges, such as overcoming entrenched power structures, ensuring inclusivity, and building capacity for effective decision-making. Additionally, striking a balance between community autonomy and broader societal interests can be complex.


Community control represents a shift in the way decisions are made, emphasizing local knowledge, needs, and desires. It is a powerful tool for empowering individuals and communities to shape their futures, create more equitable societies, and foster a sense of ownership and pride in their environments. As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, the concept of community control continues to gain importance as a means to address pressing global challenges while honoring the diversity of local experiences and perspectives.

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What Is The Definition Of Control In Community?

Community control is an individualized program in which the freedom of an offender is restricted within the community, home, or noninstitutional residential placement and specific sanctions are imposed and enforced.

What Are The Rules For Community Control In Florida?

While on Community Control supervision (also known as “house arrest”) you will not be allowed to leave your home to visit family or friends, go out to dinner or to the movies, go on vacation, or many of the other activities you are used to being able to do.

What Is The Sentence For Community Control In Florida?

A community control sentence in Florida is limited to a maximum of two years. Meaning, an offender may be placed on community control for up to two years, but probation – the length of which varies depending on the sort of offense – may be imposed after that.

What Happens When You Violate Community Control In Florida?

Violating any of these terms could mean having their probation revoked, and the individual may be incarcerated. The Florida Department of Corrections oversees three levels of probation.

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