What Is GPU Scaling

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What Is GPU Scaling? How To Turn It On/Off? Pros & Cons

GPU scaling can help you enhance your scaling experience but What is GPU scaling? With upcoming technologies nowadays we face problems like blurred image or bad image resolution especially if you are a gamer it makes you frustrated. GPU scaling can solve this problem. Let us see what is GPU scaling, how to turn it on, and also we will tell you about the pros and cons.

What Is GPU Scaling?

GPU scaling is a technical feature that allows you to make some adjustments on your screen resolution that can give you high-quality image output.

GPU is the processor of your computer that is responsible for the quality of images you see on screen. A good GPU enhances the quality of the videos and games which makes your visual experience fun.

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Types Of GPU Scaling Modes

If you are using AMD Radeon or AMD Catalyst Graphics then you can adjust the scaling of your GPU in 3 modes.

  1. Maintain Aspect Ratio

With this, you can enjoy your game on full screen without any alteration in the aspect ratio even when you scale the graphics up. Any excess background will be filled with background patterns or black bars.

  1. Scale Image To Full Panel Size

In this, your image is stretched to fit your screen. Commonly when used this GPU scaling you may get a poor image and bad graphics as the game ratio is not followed.

  1. Use Centered Trimmings

This will turn the scaling off and the image is displayed by the original scale ratio. You will see black bars or background patterns around the image.

GPU Scaling Pros And Cons

GPU scaling may change your visual experience but it also has some pros and cons. Let us have a look at them.


  • It preserves the Aspect ratio
  • When the image is smaller you can use the center trimming scale which will bring the image to the center and fill the rest screen with bars
  • The full panel mode will stretch the image to the entire screen.


  • Slight input lag
  • Takes time to show
  • Ideal for older games new games may lag

Turning GPU Scaling On Or Off Via AMD Catalyst

Here the steps to on and off GPU Scaling for AMD Catalyst

  1. Right Click on the desktop
  2. Select Catalyst Control Center
  3. Click on the My Digital Flat Panels on the left
  4. Click on The properties (Digital Flat Panel)
  5. Check the Enable GPU up-scaling to on – uncheck to off
  6. Click on the preferred scaling mode
  7. Click on Apply
  8. The screen will shut down for a few seconds and will be turned on

Turning GPU Scaling On Or Off Via AMD Radeon

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What Is GPU Scaling Nvidia?

GPU scaling is a feature that scales the output of the image according to the screen.

How do I stop Intel GPU scaling?

How Do I Stop Intel GPU Scaling?

Here the steps to on and off GPU Scaling for AMD Radeon

  1. Right Click on the desktop
  2. Select AMD Radeon settings
  3. Click on display
  4. Click on GPU Scaling

What Is Scaling In A Display?

Scaling means enlarging the image in pixels. It stretches everything on the screen to fir it.

Is GPU Scaling Important?

Conclusion-Is GPU Scaling Important? GPU scaling is not required for modern-day games and graphics as they are developed in a manner to sustain ultrawide displays. Scaling graphics can be important while playing retro games in order to prevent the pixelating of the graphics.

Why Are People Scalping GPUs?

GPU scalping involves using bots to buy up stock from companies like NVIDIA as soon as they’re available. Scalpers resell the products at prices inflated by more than 200% compared to the original cost. This approach is so bad because it makes securing GPUs harder for legitimate end-users.

Should GPU Scaling Be On Or Off?

When you’re gaming at the right resolution and aspect ratio, there’s no reason to use GPU scaling for anything at all. As such, we recommend only enabling this setting for playing retro games and then turning it back off when you’re done.

Does GPU Scaling Affect FPS?

Unfortunately, GPU scaling will affect the FPS during the gameplay. Here is why: when you have turned on GPU scaling, the GPU needs to work overtime to stretch the lower-aspect-ratio game to run at a high aspect ratio. Now, this process is not only time-consuming but also requires a considerable amount of power.

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If you are a gamer and want to have fine-tuned graphics then you may need to understand GPU scaling. In the above article, we have explained everything about GPU scaling. Know what is GPU scaling can help you enjoy games even better.

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Should you turn GPU scaling on or off