What Is SmartByte

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What Is SmartByte, What It Does, And How To Remove It?

If you are owning a Dell laptop you must have a question what is Smartbyte? You must have noticed that many times your internet speed goes up in some specific conditions and whenever this happens you must have noticed that Smartbyte is running in the background. Let us tell you everything about What is Smartbyte drivers and services and what does it do and also how to remove Smartbyte

What Is Smartbyte?

Smartbyte is an application that can automatically detect your video streams and give you the most available internet. It gives priority to data packets to speed up entertainment applications like video streaming and video chats.

It comes by default in Dell laptops and it works with both Intel as well as Realtek wireless chips. It said that it regulates your internet speed whenever you stream videos.

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What Does SmartByte Do?

Smartbyte works by grabbing the max internet speed that is available for streaming videos and reduces the buffering time. Its streaming speed is boosted but you may see that the overall performance of the system is been a bit slowed down.

How to Disable Smart Byte?

You can disable Smartbyte on your Dell Laptop. Below are the steps to follow

  1. Open Task Manager by Ctrl + Shift + Esc 
  2. Click on the Startup Tab
  3. Search for Smartbyte Utility
  4. Select it by clicking it once
  5. Click on disable at the bottom

Uninstall SmartByte?

Follow these steps to uninstall/remove SmartByte

  1. Right-click on start
  2. Click on Apps and Features
  3. Scroll to find the SmartByte application
  4. Click on every Smartbyte Utility
  5. Click on uninstall
  6. Repeat for every Smartbyte Utility

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Update SmartByte

You can resolve some minor issues with Smartbyte by updating it. Follow these steps you update Smartbyte.

  1. Download latest SmartByte Drivers and Services from the official site
  2. Save it in a folder
  3. Uninstall the current SmartByte
  4. Restart your machine
  5. Run latest downloaded SmartByte Drivers
  6. You will be directed to the Windows Store so that you can download the latest SmartByte Interface

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What Is Dell Smartbyte Drivers And Services?

SmartByte is an application that automatically detects the browsing or video streaming activity and prioritizes the available Internet connection for the activity. Recommended.

What Is Smartbyte And Do I Need It?

Smartbyte drivers and services is an application tool that automatically detects when you are streaming a video and provides the most available Internet connection for that stream. The utility is enabled by default and can be used with Intel and Realtek wireless chips.

Is It OK To Uninstall Smartbyte?

Although Dell advises that you update SmartByte, it’s highly unlikely that doing so will make things better. There are two choices. One is to disable SmartByte and the other is to completely uninstall SmartByte. Before doing either of these, run an internet speed test and save the results.

How Do You Install Smartbytes?

  1. Browse to the location where you downloaded the file and double-click the new file.
  2. Read over the release information presented in the dialog window.
  3. Download and install any prerequisites identified in the dialog window before proceeding.
  4. Click the Install button.
  5. Follow the remaining prompts to perform the update.

How Do I Turn Off Smartbyte?

NOTE: To to turn SmartByte on or off:

  1. Press and hold the Windows ( ) key, and then press the q key.
  2. In the Search box, type “SmartByte.”
  3. Touch or click SmartByte (Trusted Microsoft Store app).
  4. Touch or click the slider to the right of SmartByte to turn the SmartByte application off or on.

What Is Smartbyte On Dell?

SmartByte is an application that automatically detects the browsing or video streaming activity and prioritizes the available Internet connection for the activity. Recommended.

Is It OK To Uninstall Smartbyte?

SmartByte consists of a service and a driver, and you know that getting rid of services and drivers can cause problems. In this case, no, it won’t cause any problems. SmartByte is just a utility. Below you’ll see that all our network drivers are still there.

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SmartByte is an application that will boost your internet speed when you are streaming videos or having video calls, and if you want to know how faster your internet speed has gotten then visit speedcheck.org and compare the results. The application is preinstalled on Lenovo laptops. You can remove or uninstall the application if you prefer not to use it. It is suggested to update the application drivers and services from time to time so that it works perfectly. If you are a Dell laptop user and now you know what a SmartByte is, you can use the feature at its best.

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What is the use of SmartByte