What Is TTL Flash? TLL Vs Manual Flash

What Is TTL Flash

If you are navigating flash photography you must be wondering What is TTL Flash? TTL Flash is a word that you must have seen used in maximum Photography forums and Facebook forums. Also, you must have read about Manual Flash and must be thinking which one is better. Everything has its own pros and cons and also preferences. Today we will tell you about everything about What is TTL Flash?

What Is TTL Flash?

TTL Flash stands for Through The Lens metering.

Whenever you focus your camera with a half-pressed shutter, your camera not only focuses it also takes the metering of the scene, Which means it measures how much light ambient will be returned by Lens to the sensor. The TTL flash will use a series of flash bursts before actually flashing light. The information collected comes back to your camera and the flash power is adjusted accordingly. The shot taken is called a well-balanced shot.

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TTL Flash Vs Manual Flash

Below are we have mention TTL Flash vs Manual Flash pros and cons. This whelp you know better which one will suit you according to your needs

TTL Flash

TTL Flash has many benefits and makes your photos even better. Below are the TTL pros and cons to understand the difference it has from manual flash


  • The flash power and zoom are automatically set whenever you will link your camera by a hot shoe or infrared sensor
  • You can use TTL flash in any mode, for example, Automatic, shutter priority, and scene modes
  • You can use TTL flash in Manual mode


  • If you turn flash off with TTL and infrared it affects the sunlight and light of sight
  • TTL is costly the manual flashes. Nearly 5 times the cost of manual flash

Manual Flash 

Manual Flashes are like set them and forget them. You will learn much more about light with manual flash. Below you can know the pros and cons of it.


  • Manual Flashes are very cheap compared to TTL
  • You can control the complete settings manually
  • Everything being manual you understand the relationship of light and photographs better


  • The camera can be used only in manual mode
  • The power and zoom feature is manual

Using TTL Flash

You need not put much input to use TTL Flash. Here is how to use it

  1. Press the flashgun menu button
  2. Select TTL
  3. Press the shutter and click

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Which Is Better TTL Or Manual Flash?

TTL flash automatically adjusts the flashlight output as per the distance and other considerations. In Manual flash, you have total control of the light. It works best with a moving subject.

How Does A TTL Flash Work?

With a TTL flash, you have to press the shutter halfway. Your camera will focus and does its work. A power pre-flash is sent to the subject and back with TTL (through the lens) and then the flashlight is automatically adjusted.

Is TTL Flash Necessary?

Yes, sometimes it is necessary. Especially when you are taking random shots it works great.

Is TTL Better Than Manual?

Using TTL automatically adjusts the flash output for you as the distance between you and the camera changes. Manual flash is best in scenarios where you want the most control over the light source. It’s also useful if the distance between the subject and the flash doesn’t change rapidly.

What Is Nikon TTL Flash?

The camera settings give you the ambient light exposure, while the flash illuminates your subject. Through-the-lens (TTL) flash will automatically work out the power of the flash required for your subject and is usually very accurate.

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Whether you are a beginner or a professional photographer TTL has its own benefits. Like when you want to take random shots and the lights are low TTL works perfectly great at these times. Yet many photographers prefer using TTL very rarely. Manual Flash allows you to take over the complete control of flashlights. Now if you are into photography and know what is TTL Flash you can click some pretty good pictures using it.

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