What is Visual Kei fashion?

Charlotte Miller

What is Visual Kei fashion?

If you’re familiar with Japanese street brands, you’ve probably seen individuals with dark makeup, huge and wild hair, leathers and studs, and an overall gloomy or gothic vibe about them, and you’ve probably even noticed the evident androgynous aesthetics. This style is called Visual Kei. So, what is Visual Kei fashion? The answer may be found in this article.

The definition of Visual Kei

Visual Kei  (ヴィジュアル系)  is a Japanese music phenomenon marked by the employment of various degrees of make-up, extravagant hairstyles, and colorful costumes, which are often, but not always, combined with androgynous aesthetics, comparable to Western glam rock. Visual Kei is classified as a music genre by some Western sources, with a sound that is similar to glam rock, punk rock, and heavy metal.

Visual Kei performers, on the other hand, perform a wide range of genres, including ones that are thought to be unconnected to rock, such as electronic, pop, and so on. Other sources, including participants of the movement, claim that it is not a music genre, but rather a subculture characterized by freedom of speech, dress, and participation in allied subcultures.

Visual Kei Fashion’s most important features

While Visual Kei bands are recognized for their dramatic looks and one-of-a-kind outfits, there are few style restrictions. As a newbie, it’s preferable to start small and work your way up. A simple graphic t-shirt and jeans, for example. Start adding accessories like scarves, studs, chains, and belts to make it your own.

The most essential thing to remember is to retain a clear vision in mind. Instead of throwing together black outfits and punk-inspired accessories at random, it’s all about harmonizing the look for a professional finish. Visual Kei fans claim that this is what sets them different from other forms like emo, scene, punk, and western goth.

It’s all about expressing oneself via your appearance.

Look for a J-rocker that inspires you and ask them for advice and suggestions. Which subculture you like might have a big impact on the style you wish to achieve. In general, striped shirts and plaids are frequently seen in this fashion trend. Using cobwebs, skulls, and crosses to incorporate enigmatic motifs into your fashion style is definitely something to explore.

Both genders like to dress as the opposing sex in Visual Kei, which fosters the androgynous image. This may be achieved by wearing the appropriate apparel and applying the appropriate make-up. While most bands are made up of men, it is definitely a look that women can pull off. Girl band members can even dress up as boys while yet being feminine.

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Visual Kei Fashion Colors & Makeup Styles 

Although black is the most prevalent color used in Visual Kei, most of these styles may be achieved with any dark or aggressive color. The dark and bold colors will serve to bring out the black and white in the design. Plaid, stripes, lace cobwebs, crosses, crowns, and skulls are all highly popular motifs.

The theatrical makeup appearance, like the dress style, is not something that needs to be replicated in real life and can vary from person to person. In general, the style is defined by the application of a lot of eyeliner and a light foundation. For a completely white appearance, some Visual Kei artists use a lot of makeup.

The nose is frequently curved to make it appear smaller and to aid in the creation of a feminine appearance. Outlining the lips with a dark color is a common choice for the lips. Color contact lenses or patterns such as cobwebs on the skin can be used to add extra tiny features.

Hairstyles of Visual Kei Fashion

Hairstyles may be as outrageous as the wearer desires. It can be large, teased, spiky, and colored in a number of ways. Hair that is long, straight, and the razor is also trendy. If dying it totally or having to style it frequently is not an option, wigs are always a choice. However, there are a variety of less expensive, low-maintenance choices available. Consider hairstyles like short Hime-cuts or an undercut that can be teased into a ponytail. While outrageous colors like hot pink, purple, and midnight blue are popular, more neutral colors like silvers, ash blond, dark brown, and black are also popular.

Visual Kei Fashion’s Accessoires

Necklaces, bracelets, studs, chains, and belts are some of the most prevalent Visual Kei accessories. The majority of the jewelry worn is composed of silver. Crosses, flowers, and fleur de lis motifs are among the themes.

Piercings are also a popular choice. This can be as basic as an ear piercing, but it can also include piercings on the nose, septum, lip, and tongue. For people who don’t want to get their ears pierced or aren’t yet old enough, there are plenty of fake piercing options available.

Another Visual Kei fad that has resurfaced is the employment of accessories to camouflage facial traits. Eyepatches, facemasks, face veils, and nosebands are all examples of this. Rags are frequently used for this purpose. However, when worn around the wrist or leg, these make great accessories.

Straps and buckles are frequently used to join or cover clothing. For Visual Kei wearers, strong and substantial foundation boots are typically the way to go. Something that isn’t too casual in a dark color. Chain bracelets can be used to add further embellishments.


Visual Kei is undeniably one of Japan’s most well-known subcultures and fashion trends, attracting worldwide attention. It’s possible that it’ll fade away in the next years, but that doesn’t mean it’ll be forgotten. To you, what is Visual Kei fashion? Do you think of modifying your style in the same way? If you want to buy this sort of apparel or accessories from Rakuten, go to the Janbox website and look up how to buy from Rakuten Japan.

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