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What is Zorb ball? and how to play with it

Bubble soccer is exciting and fun. That is why the number of players who sign up to practice this sport continues to increase. Although there are also other adventure activities that revolve around the use of an inflatable sphere that you might like to learn about, such as Zorbing. Today we want to talk about its history and how it is played.

What is Zorbing?

It is an activity in which we enter an inflatable plastic sphere, which in turn is inside another larger sphere. These two balls (called zorbs) are joined so that they are held together leaving a space between the inner and outer sphere in which there is a little more than half a meter of free space.

There are in various sizes. Some of them can accommodate up to three people at a time, so it can be considered a group activity. The effect that occurs is that of being almost without gravity, since from the surface that is in contact with the ground to where the players are housed there is only air or water, depending on whether the ride is dry or wet. It can be said that it is a giant hamster ball.

How he was born

They originated in New Zealand in the 1990s. Two friends wanted to find a way to walk on water and set out to create a large floating ball that a person could enter and stand on water without sinking. There was already a type of ball designed for that, although the problem was that they had to be inflated and deflated every time the passenger got in and out, which was very time-consuming.

The idea was to create a ball that was inside a larger one filled with air so that there was no waiting to get in and out. A prototype was invented, which was patented and registered under the brand name Kameymall.

As expected, the sphere allowed walking on water. But there were some problems, especially in the open sea, where the zorb’s light weight meant the passenger had little control over direction or movement. So they started using it to run down hills and began to think that it could be something to attract the attention of lovers of extreme sports such as bungee jumping, which was a success because that is what happened. 

It soon became known to the whole world and Zorbing franchises began to open in many countries. There are places like Smoky Mountain in the United States, the Gold Coast of Australia, or the area where he was born in New Zealand, for example, where hundreds of people come every day to take a unique walk.

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Key Zorb Ball Benefits You Should Consider

Have you seen videos where people are having fun with this? If yes, then you must have wondered if this ball is just an adventure sport and has some real benefits. You may be surprised to learn that a Zorb Ball is a great tool for doing a lot of things. You can use a zorb ball in many ways, which includes health benefits as well. Let’s take a look at the top 7 benefits can give you.

Zorb Ball Benefits

Safe sport: As it is a very large inflatable ball, it is one of the safest sports out there. The outer surface of the ball functions as a very large cushion. While you’re inside the ball, the outside ball takes all the hits and is the first to get punctured in case you run into a big crash. Therefore this product is best for rolling downhill. Now let’s see how this ball gives you maximum protection.

Ultimate protection: It is safe because its outer shell is made of very good quality plastic. The plastic is such that small pebbles or pins inside a playpen cannot damage it. The best quality of it can also protect you from a very high-speed collision. The biggest advantage of this is that the outer ball bears the full impact of a collision which protects the inner ball, the inner ball being where you stand. Now that you know it’s somewhat difficult, is it suitable for colder climates?

Cold no bar: It is designed in such a way that cold weather does not affect it at all. They made in such a way that it can withstand very low temperatures. They glides very well on snow. Does not slip. 

Good for health: It is one of the best things a full-body workout can give you. It does this by keeping your hands and feet busy as you run into the ball to get it rolling. The joy of rolling with this product which is great for relieving stress. The stress that is released helps improve a person’s mental health. They also used as part of the therapy. Let us now analyze the therapeutic aspect of the ball.

Focus enhancer: The main use of this product is in therapy is to improve a person’s focus. They improve your concentration by making you constantly work to keep up with the ball. A person really has to concentrate to coordinate their feet, hands, and eyes at the speed of them. They help in the rehabilitation of a runner, just as Zorb ball will push the runner’s feet due to its increased spin speed. They can also be used in physical therapy as it ensures movement of every part of a person’s body. Continuing here is a brief description of the games that can be played with it.


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