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What should be taken into account when creating a professional CV?

In order to win a tender in advance, it is necessary to think about making the documents required by the structure professional. An integral part of these documents is the curriculum vitae of the applicant or the applicant company. However, the writing of a professional curriculum vitae is essential. In this article, you will discover the elements to take into account when drawing up a professional CV.

A photograph

Digital advances have made photography a good method of recognising candidates for a contract or position. Since nowadays it is easier to apply online. Indeed, the professional curriculum vitae is an CV resume example that contains the candidate’s photograph. 

The placement of a photo in the right-hand corner of a professional CV precedes the candidate’s personal information. It is not, however, of great importance. However, the candidate can do without it, but will take care to make a brief description of his personality at the bottom of the CV. The photo makes the professional CV more digestible and gives it a unique form of assurance. It should not be chosen at random so as not to compromise the information that will follow it.

Personal information

Personal information is indispensable in the content of a curriculum vitae. In fact, it takes the place of information that informs the research structure about certain modalities. 


The candidate is obliged to begin the personal information with his or her identity. Indeed, the identity phase is essential in the provision of personal information. The identity refers to the family name written in capital letters and the first names written in lowercase. The place and date of birth of the applicant are also noted at this level.


Many people say that the address is not important in the construction of personal data. They are not wrong, but in fact the address is the most important element that enables the search structure to give a favourable response to your application. It contains somewhat confidential information such as the applicant’s e-mail address and marital status. The usefulness of the address is that it tells a lot about you, as it is usually used as a survey tool.


The contacts are the last information that the sender gives about himself to complete the personal information phase. They join what professionals call the applicant’s number(s). Thus, at this level, the applicant should give his or her telephone numbers, which will enable researchers to contact him or her in case of any information.

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The professional curriculum vitae is pragmatically distinguished from the modern one by the inclusion of qualities. In fact, just like the personal information, the candidate’s qualities are recorded in the CV.

Professional experience

The professional experience in a professional CV takes precedence over the candidate’s skills. In fact, to make a CV professional, the individual must put his or her skills first. Thus, the latter, taking into account the dates of obtaining the diplomas, will make an aesthetic arrangement to inform the reader.

The style of arrangement of the experiences is much more desirable. However, it is advisable for the candidate to start with the highest degree for the position he/she is applying for. 

Acquired skills

Acquired skills add to the credibility of the professional experiences. Indeed, by their academic character the applicant confers a reliable information character to the information he/she had mentioned.

Thus, the competences are placed just below the professional experiences without any discrepancy. The applicant can make use of bullets to make a good enumeration. All diplomas are listed without omission.

Language information

Many applicants, either because of necessity or because of the time pressure to submit applications, ignore the language information. However, this information is of great importance. It is a formidable asset in the acquisition of any position.

Language information is nothing more than the mention of spoken and written languages. It precedes the certification phase of the CV’s information, the signature and the date the document was created.

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