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What To Include In A Letterhead Design To Boost Your Business

What To Include In A Letterhead Design To Boost Your Business

A business letterhead is a document containing contact information about a company or an individual. Letterheads are usually printed on large sheets of paper and include the recipient’s address as well as the sender’s. In addition, they may also contain other details such as logos, slogans, background images, etc., which can help improve their appearance. It is also good practice to include your business logo or symbol on the letterhead design. Apart from that, it is also advisable to keep the design simple and appealing. Letterheads are usually only printed when sending formal correspondence to clients, prospective customers, etc., so they must make a strong impression to boost business brand awareness.

  1. Logo Or Symbol

If your business does not already have a logo or symbol, then it is advisable to invest in one as soon as possible. A good logo will help enhance brand awareness and improve the way your business is perceived by clients and other people. You can either design a new logo yourself by referring to letterhead examples or hire a professional designer to do it for you if you are not skilled in this area. Regardless of whether you design the logo yourself or hire a professional, it is important to keep things simple so that everyone can recognize it easily. You should either use an image of your company’s products or services as the main focus or include text highlighting your business name and what it does for clients/customers.

  1. Colour Scheme

Another important aspect of a letterhead design is the use of colour, as this can have a significant impact on its appearance. For example, if your business offers products or services which are related to one particular colour (e.g. green for eco-friendly businesses), then you should choose that colour for your letter design. White text on a blue background is usually an extremely eye-catching combination, while black or dark grey text on white background may be more suitable for business letterheads that are traditionally designed.


  1. Fonts And Text Styles

While it’s important to keep things simple when designing a letterhead template to boost brand awareness, you should also pay attention to the style and size of the text. For example, you could use a slightly larger font for your company name or slogan to make it stand out more, or you might decide to bold the main heading so that they are easier to see.

You can also use different styles of text within letterhead templates, e.g. you might choose to italicise the name of your business or highlight client/customer testimonials to make them stand out more.

  1. Background Images And Graphics

As well as using images on letterheads, it is also advisable to include any relevant graphics or text boxes that help highlight your business name, logo etc., or make them stand out more. One way to achieve this is by using a background image or colour, which can be either included within the design itself or printed on your letterheads if you are printing them yourself.


  1. Font Sizes And Spacing

It is also good practice to think about the spacing between the text within your letterhead design. For example, you could leave lots of space around the company logo/name or any other important details to make them stand out more. Alternatively, you might prefer to use a larger font for all of the text on your letterhead, so it is easier to read.

  1. Using Letterheads Effectively

If you are using your company letterhead for customer/client correspondence, then you should always include your full contact details (e.g. phone number, email address etc.) on the header in case they want to get in touch with you at a later date. If you are using letterheads for internal use (e.g. within your company), then you should include all relevant information such as department name, full contact details and any other important notes.

  1. Additional Marketing Tools

If you are using letterheads, then it is also a good idea to use a matching envelope, business card, and newsletter, as these may help improve brand recognition and make your company appear more professional. You can choose from a range of different colours or designs for any additional marketing tools you wish to include (e.g. business cards), so it’s a good idea to think about which colour/design scheme you’ve used on your letterheads.

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  1. Quality Of Paper

Finally, it is advisable to choose a good quality paper to print your letterhead templates on to enhance brand awareness and make them more durable. White paper with blue/black text is an extremely well-recognised combination for business letterheads, although you can also choose white or any other colour of paper, depending on your preference.


While it may take time and effort when designing letterheads to boost your business’ branding, the result will be well worth the effort. By keeping your design simple and appealing, you can make a big difference in how people perceive your business, which in turn may help to improve sales figures and profits.

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