What to look for in the right UTV

Charlotte Miller

What to look for in the right UTV

Rather than having an ATV, which is often seen as more of a ‘fun’ leisure vehicle, UTVs are viewed as practical and are the workhorse of many small holdings and farms across the country. For this reason, they could be considered a ‘must-have’ addition to making your life easier. However, while you can easily see the need for one, you might be a bit less certain about how to go about getting one.

With that in mind, here are some things you need to consider when thinking about a UTV, that should help you come to the best decision possible.

Decide which make and model you need

As you might well imagine, there is a huge range of alternatives when buying a UTV. You will have to write down a list of what you need it for (or at least what you want it to do if your new UTV is part of an expansion). You should then compare it with the available specs rather than getting taken in by a photo of something that looks incredible, which might mean you are paying out for more than you need.

Work out whether you should lease or buy

When buying any sort of equipment or machinery, this is a conundrum you’ll need to get your head around. Leasing one is shorter in the long term, and you can always give it back when the deal expires – but you’ll have nothing to show for your investment. On the other hand, buying involves parting with more cash upfront, but you will have a saleable asset you can get some of your investment back when it is time to upgrade.

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Go for used or new

Either way, you’ll need to weigh up if you want a new UTV or a used one. Clearly, a used one will be much cheaper, but you need to balance this against the potential maintenance and repair costs of having an older model. There is also the issue of depreciation, with used vehicles tending to lose value much slower than new ones. What you decide will depend on finances, how much you intend to use your UTV, and what you will be using it for.

Getting your UTV to you

Once you’ve ticked all of these boxes, you are left with the last hurdle: getting from A to B. This is not something you should think too hard about. However, specialist UTV shipping companies can do most of the hard work of moving your terrain vehicle for you. This also means you are not limited to buying from the local area, and you can get the perfect fit without worrying about logistical issues.

To wrap everything up

A UTV has become a must-have for many people working on their land, but deciding on the best one for you can be a minefield, as you might not know what you want. Looking at all of the models available to find the right one can be made a lot easier by listing what you need, whether that is best satisfied with a new or used vehicle, and deciding if renting or buying is the best option. Your choice can be made simpler by knowing that you can get your UTV from where you want by using the right shipping company.

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