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Why does a power bank get swollen? Is it dangerous?

There are situations when a phone’s battery can become swollen, these are things that happen and more often than not, this can become very risky. The truth is that you do need to take action when you’re dealing with this kind of stuff, and you have to do that fast. 

Any type of battery damage can be problematic, and it can lead to issues if you’re not careful. That’s why you always want to ensure that if the power bank sees any damage, that needs to be addressed right away.

Why does a power bank get swollen?

Generally, that means there is too much current in one of the cells, and that means it builds up gas and heat. Things like power bank damage, deep discharge, overcharging or even a defect from manufacturing can all be an issue here. This issue is rare in high quality power banks like Anker which you can get from this website for a good price..

With that being said, you will be impressed with the quality and benefits that really bring in the process together.

You will notice that swollen batteries and power banks are usually safe, if you start taking care of them correctly. However, if you continue overcharging and not using the battery or power bank properly, that can easily become an issue. 

Which is why you always want to be careful with this kind of stuff, you never really know what results you can expect, and the approach can be one of the best.

Should you be worried if the power bank is swollen?

As we mentioned above, swollen power banks are ok, there’s no real need to worry that much, but it does make sense to pay attention to the unit and the overall performance that it brings to the table. It just makes sense to do this properly and having that work correctly is exactly the thing that you want to pursue. 

Commit to the idea and that on its own can be incredibly appealing and enjoyable all the time. So, as long as you know how to take good care of the battery and not push it over its limits, you should be fine. But it’s still something to consider and address as much as you can here, if you do it right.

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How can you prevent a swollen battery or power bank?

The best thing to do is to not just leave the device plugged in. These batteries are meant to recharge and discharge, so if you keep them plugged in, that becomes an issue. It’s valid for power banks, laptop batteries and many others. 

If you keep them charged, you’re actually damaging the unit and that on its own is an issue you want to avoid.

We also recommend using the right charging unit too. Sometimes if you use a replacement, this will still work. But the ideal thing is that you always want to ensure that you go with the right power bank and use only its charger, just to prevent any problems. That’s the ideal option, and in the end it will give the benefits and quality you want.

Also, if you see that the swollen power bank starts to not work properly, go ahead and replace it. There are failure signs that appear from time to time. Once you see those, you really want to handle everything adequately and truly enjoy the experience and focus on the results as much as possible. Once you start doing that, nothing will stand in your way. 

You also need to store the device in a dry and cool environment. Generally, humid and hot environments are known to be very bad for batteries in general, and this is no exception. 

That’s why you must pay a lot of attention to how you use these batteries and how you can tackle the process wisely. Doing that the right way is very important, and it’s stuff like this that makes a huge difference in the long term. 


If a power bank gets swollen a bit, that’s no real need to worry. Things become more problematic if the swelling persists, but in general you should be more than ok with the power bank even if it’s swollen a little here and there. 

However, if the entire power bank is swollen and it also has signs of failure, it’s important to replace it sooner rather than later. It’s the right thing to do and you can prevent possible problems and explosions, so if you see any swelling, monitor it closely.

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