Why Life in Calgary Beats Every Other Major Canadian City

Charlotte Miller

Why Life in Calgary Beats Every Other Major Canadian City

Calgary is a city is western Alberta. It is located where the Bow and Elbow Rivers meet and where the Rocky Mountain Foothills transition to the Canadian Prairies. Calgary is widely considered to be a top Canadian city, and many would even say the best Canadian city to move to and live in.

If you are considering a move to or within Canada, Calgary should definitely be at the top of your list for a multitude of reasons, including the following:

Affordable Cost-of-Living

Calgary is considered a very affordable city, especially when compared to other metro areas in Canada. Housing in particular is relatively affordable, but the prices of homes and condos have been slightly rising as more people move to the city and demand for housing increases.

If you are interested in making the big move to Calgary, there are plenty of Calgary homes for sale, but don’t wait too long! Also aiding the affordable cost of living are the great job market and low taxes. Calgary has the lowest provincial personal income tax rate in all of Canada! 


Calgary is known for its dry and sunny weather. Its proximity to the Rocky Mountains contribute to this great climate, and it is actually one of the sunniest cities in Canada. The summers are warm, and the winters are snowy. However, the winds in the area can cause the frigid winter temperatures to rise significantly.

This weather also contributes to seasonal outdoor activities. If you enjoy hiking, and other outdoor summer activities, and snow-related activities in winter, Calgary is the city for you.

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Calgary is also the top Canadian city because of the lifestyle and feeling it provides. People describe Calgary as a big city with a small town feeling. So you get all the benefits of a big city, including transportation, attractions, arts and culture, with all the friendly charm of a small town.

Calgary is also home to many exciting attractions, including The Calgary Stampede (an annual celebration of Western Canadian culture), the Calgary International Film Festival, the Canada Sports Hall of Fame and Museum, the Calgary Zoo, and the Glenbow Museum. There are so many exciting things to do in Calgary that contribute to the exciting lifestyle, it is no wonder why Calgary is considered the best major city in all of Canada.

If you are looking to move to Canada or to a different city within Canada, look no further than Calgary, Alberta. Calgary is considered the best larger Canadian city, and for many great reasons. The relatively low cost of living will make finding and securing affordable housing a breeze, and the robust job market and low taxes will also help.

Plus, you will have amazing weather, including warm, sunny days and snowy winters. The weather will also assist you in enjoying the wonderful lifestyle that Calgary provides. You can partake in many seasonal outdoor activities or enjoy the multitude of attractions in this big city with a small town feel. 

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