Why You Should Measure Your Brand Health 

Berry Mathew

Why You Should Measure Your Brand Health 

Without a powerful and widely recognized brand, it is hard to run a successful business. There is a rise in both the number of sales and the amount of free exposure. Where precisely can we acquire your product? Am I correct in assuming that this knowledge is well-known? Consequently, whose thoughts are these? What does your company’s logo represent? How does it stack up against other companies that sell comparable products? Brand health measurement assists in knowing how each aspect affects its running.

Benefits of brand health 


One can detect an increasing quantity of brand mentions in the data obtained from social media. It provides insight into the frequency, intensity, and context of online arguments. These are subsequent:

  • Is there a list of people who have discussed your company that I may pursue?
  • Who, what, and when is it precisely?
  • Which techniques are now being discussed?
  • Which regions?

These are contemporary and current observations. As soon as they begin speaking, you will begin to understand what is occurring. Does online buzz coincide with product debuts, marketing efforts, and the height of the season? On what do we base this decision?

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It is advisable to start by knowing the brand’s degree of conversation, its growth, and the elements that contribute to it. Pay attention to what market participants are saying about your company. Using Awario, which filters mentions into good, negative, and neutral categories, you may obtain a crystal-clear picture of your brand’s social media reputation. To have a comprehensive perspective, you must examine the mentions stream and classify the comments as favourable, negative, or neutral. The “topic cloud” is a graphic depiction of the terms that are most frequently connected with the brand.


When deciding whether or not their consumers are satisfied, many businesses disregard this indicator. There are those CEOs who, for whatever reason, appear to care very little about anything. This position may require revision in light of new information. A higher percentage of zoomers place the most importance on a company’s essential values. 20% of potential employees would refuse to work for a company that provided no value.

This is detrimental to the organization’s reputation. Employees invested in their work and company are more likely to become brand ambassadors. Individuals that take pride in their business will commonly use social media to discuss the most recent corporate events, projects, and other developments. Keep in mind these job postings on LinkedIn for Google.


Positioning refers to the impression that a brand leaves on those who are considering making a purchase. How strongly can your brand evoke certain emotions or leave a lasting impression? It is feasible for customers to confuse your company’s objective with anything else.

This measure must be implemented for brand status monitoring to occur. Apple, Tesla, and Nike all hold dominant positions in their respective markets. Futuristic conceptualizations and architectural plans inspire their goals. Their clients perceive them to be operating in a representative position on behalf of the organisation.

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Comparison with competitors 

There is no way to determine your brand’s success without comparing it to other brands in its industry. Following that, we evaluate factors such as the market’s voice share. You may determine your brand’s social media share of voice by doing a competitive study and evaluating your own and your competitors’ online brand mentions. With the use of this metric, the success of your brand may be measured.