Will the Vingo App Become the Next Social Media for Runners?

Berry Mathew

Will the Vingo App Become the Next Social Media for Runners?

Obviously, yes. Vingo, the latest indoor exercise app, is taking over the fitness world like a storm. What makes it special is its ability to connect a lot of people in the virtual world. That’s right, even if you are stuck on your treadmill or exercise bike, you can get into the app and meet people through the app. Besides this, the app is packed with a lot of features that will make you want more every day.

Virtual Running is Fast becoming the Norm

Many people use the app with their treadmills, by connecting the mill with the app. Their regular running is transformed into virtual running, and they no longer feel bored by their running routine. Inside the app, you can find a lot of virtual maps, all designed from scenic spots around the world. You can get to those spots with a click of a button. All you need is a good enough screen placed before your mill and connected to the app. You are now set for the online running adventure.

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Hanging Out With People in the Virtual World is Easy

Once you get into the maps, you will notice a lot of people running, or even cycling beside you. These people share your taste for sceneries too. They might be located anywhere in the world, but now, they are with you in virtual space. You can talk to them using the voice chat feature and befriend them if you want. You can even team up with people and meet them everyday in the virtual world, so that you may go on running trips together.

Participate or Conduct Running Races

The Vingo app takes exercises to another level. There is an option called communities with the app. Inside, you will find people clubbing together to form communities based on the type of exercises, locations, time zone, and literally anything that may come in their mind. You can ask to become part of those communities. Many of these communities conduct daily races and marathons to encourage their members. You can give in your name and compete with people.

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Use the App for Online Cycling Too

Like we said before, some people use the app to go on online cycling trips. You can do so too, if you feel you are bored of your running routine. All you need is a good enough training bike, set up in a corner of your home. You are all set.

It is a Fully Functional Social Media for Runners

Besides the above features, the app for running routes has other cool stuff like avatars feature, using which you can create your own digital version which you can see running on your behalf in the virtual world. It is a whole new world of possibilities, get into it and have fun already. All these features make the online running app a fully functional social media app. People can communicate with others and form new bonds and friendships through this app. So, what more are you looking for?