Will the war in Ukraine end, or the hub of surrogacy, Ukraine, end?

Charlotte Miller

Will the war in Ukraine end, or the hub of surrogacy, Ukraine, end?

 Surrogacy has bestowed so many childless couples with biological children. Moreover, Ukraine is the hub of surrogacy, and couples from European countries opt for Ukraine to have the surrogacy procedure done. February 27, 2022, was the day when military operations began. It was a dark day for the surrogacy clinics in Ukraine. The Russian troops allegedly entered Ukraine’s territory. These troops are present in the southern and eastern regions of Ukraine. However, some of the larger cities were badly affected by the destruction caused by the troops.

Kyiv and Kharkov are located in the northern and eastern regions of Ukraine. Moreover, both these cities were the hub of surrogacy. The troops are gradually moving towards these cities. Leihmutterschaft Charkow has stopped due to war.

How are the agencies coping with the current situation?

As soon as the military operations began, the surrogacy clinics in many parts of Ukraine stopped providing their services. Moreover, many staff members signed resignations on their behalf.

Ukraine deals with an open contract with both agencies. However, if war breaks down, the contract becomes void. Unfortunately, most surrogacy clinics have closed down due to serious conditions in the country. Surrogacy in Ukraine is one-way bogger level, and so are international departments in other countries. Besides, the Kharkov area in Ukraine is no more peaceful now, so the surrogate mothers and the staff are relocated to Canada, western Ukraine, and western Europe. The feskov reproduction group believes that surrogate mothers must give birth in a peaceful environment. Hence the nurses must have a good environment to get the procedure done.

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Impact of war on surrogacy services

The war has had an adverse impact on surrogacy services. Many clinics have stopped providing services, while some, like the feskov reproduction group, encourage the surrogate mothers and the staff to relocate without facing any risk. The feskov reproduction clinic is no longer accepting any new cases regarding surrogacy due to the current war situation in the country.

However, the clinic has not stopped rendering its services, but they have limited the provision of services. Similar programs in other countries through the feskov reproductive group are functioning smoothly. The medical department of the Feskov reproductive group is now operating in western Ukraine. Moreover, several surrogacy units exist in Portugal, the Czech Republic, and Belgium.

Also, the feskov reproductive group ensures its clients that this war is just a temporary thing and no one can permanently affect the surrogacy services in Ukraine because it is the hub of surrogacy. The signed contracts will continue with certain limitations, and the procedure will carry out successfully for sure so that everyone has the right to have a genetic child.


The breaking down of war has affected surrogacy clinics in Ukraine. The Feskov reproduction group is bigger and continues to provide its services under certain limitations. The military activities will not stop the feskov clinic from rendering services to its customers.

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